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Contemporary Family and it's effect on School Settings - Essay Example

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Most families in the United States and in North America today are nuclear families. That means a married couple lives together with their children. And so if one look at the contemporary Japanese family and the contemporary American he can understand that the societies are the same and that the family plays the same kind of role in both of those societies. …
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Contemporary Family and its effect on School Settings
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Family and it's effect on School Settings"

Download file to see previous pages There are three types of relationships. The first is the relationship between parents and children; the second among related nuclear families such as adult siblings; the third across family members over a wide span of time, intergenerational relations. Terms like “family values” refer to one or several of these separate family relationships. The relationship between parents and children is often looked at and of great importance. There are few specific activities such as productive activities which involve the nurturing, training, and caring for the dependent children from birth onward. Few responsibilities are of greater importance than that of parenting, of providing for the healthy development of the child in mental, social, economic, and many other dimensions. A grown up person chose to have children because of the satisfaction they get, and the parental expenditures of time and effort, of money and hassle, of patience and support are all part of the productive activities of parenthood. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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