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Immigrant food in America - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Name Task Tutor Date Immigration Food in the United States Immigration in the United States of America is high and brings about a change in the social setting and culture, including the types of foods available in the United States market. A research on the United States’ food markets reveals that there is a great impact on the American foods, such as the American cuisine…
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Immigrant food in America
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Download file to see previous pages 71). According to Karl Marx’s theory on capitalism, there is an emphasis on social inequity between the Whites and the Black due to culture or language diversity. There is the existence of immigrant foods on the United States of America, probably due to the sociocultural diversity that is brought about by the high levels of immigration into the United States (Gregg & Seigworth, pp. 171). The American cuisine is somehow set as the cultural food for the resident Americans who tend to enjoy more privileges as compared to the immigrants, who tend to be discriminated by the American immigration laws. However, the immigrants move with their culture and have to blend it with the American culture for harmonious living with the resident Americans, and hence their foods are integrated with the American foods (Gregg & Seigworth, pp. 172). According to Marx’s theory, high levels of capitalism practiced by many governments, especially on foreigners such as immigrants, brings about high levels of social injustices and inequity for the foreigner (Gregg & Seigworth, pp. 171). ...
172). According to Shibutani’s theory of personal and social change, people tend to adopt to their new environmental and social settings, in this case the immigrants, though their personal cultures and practices are barely altered. Immigrants have their individual needs, and hence the presence of the various diverse foods is core in ensuring social harmony and equity. The immigrant foods are integrated in the American market to suit the cultural needs of the immigrants, and improve on the American foods through blending with the immigrant foods (Gregg & Seigworth, pp. 152). Mark Weber stated that the concept of culture is generally semiotic due to the belief that a man is an animal suspended in webs of significance, that is individually span, and hence culture is perceived as the webs (Gregg & Seigworth, pp. 173). Immigration brings about high levels of ethnicity and sociocultural differences, with the people in the American traditional societies defining themselves by tribe, region, language or culture. However, the modern America has immigrants defining themselves as ethnic groups, hence the prevalence of diverse immigrant foods in America. Weber emphasized on the alienation of the bureaucrats through the iron cage of bureaucracy, which conducted research proves that it can happen due to simple sociocultural differences, such as the unavailability of preferred cultural foods for the immigrants (Gregg & Seigworth, pp. 173). The immigrants tend to continuously reshape their ethnic culture and identities for a better positioning in the American community. The immigrant foods are, therefore, considered natural or inevitable and core for the immigrant communities. A comparison of the American immigrant foods with other foods, such as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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