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Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigrant Populations - Assignment Example

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This paper under the headline "Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigrant Populations" focuses on the fact that immigration is the movement of people from one country or region to another place of which they are not the native population. …
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Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigrant Populations
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Extract of sample "Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigrant Populations"

Download file to see previous pages The rate of immigration has doubled in the last five decades alone, accounting for the greater proportion of workers in the industrialized nations of the world.

The estimated number of international immigrants represented about three per cent of the global total population. Many of these immigrants either came from Asia or Africa, and most of them are undocumented migrant workers using illegal means or channels to gain entry. Half of all immigrants are women; other than the reasons cited earlier, immigrants also choose to leave their own countries due to ethnic persecution (if they belong to a minority), avoidance of military or armed conflicts, and political harassment. A new reason recently cited as a driver for the new increases in immigration is increased globalization, in which their original home countries had suffered due to open trade policies, making them losers due to greater economic inequality.

Some people also immigrate for better educational opportunities while others do so for a good retirement place in another country, such as a warmer climate and lower costs of living. An improvement in transportation technologies, cheaper travel rates, and shorter travel times have in many ways also contributed to the heightened phenomenon of global immigration today.

The United Nations considers international migration as one of the basic human rights, and the sacred right to freedom of travel and movement is included in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Relatedly, basic human rights apply to everybody, whether as an immigrant or not; the U. N. agency charged with carrying out this mandate is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (or UNESCO) to encourage all member states to respect all rights of immigrants at par or level with that of its own native citizens (Ban, 2007, para. 1) and to promote the speedy, orderly, and peaceful integration of migrants to society in general.

It is quite ironic how many Western countries had previously urged Russia and China, in the past decades, to allow their citizens to move freely and migrate if they want to go, but now these Western countries are reluctant to accept more migrants and put up hindrances, controls,  or new laws to limit immigration.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigr Assignment - 1, n.d.)
Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigr Assignment - 1.
(Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigr Assignment - 1)
Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigr Assignment - 1.
“Multiculturalism and Assimilation - Two Different Approaches to Immigr Assignment - 1”.
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