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Resisting Assimilation - Essay Example

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mricns by ntur r ssimiltionists - th country hs long bn clld "mlting pot" of popls nd culturs. In rcnt yrs, it's bcom clr tht w'r lss mlting pot thn th stw in tht pot, with individul ingrdints still discrnibl mong th broth tht holds us togthr, som mor distinct thn othrs…
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Resisting Assimilation
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Resisting Assimilation

Download file to see previous pages... Thr r lso strong sin communitis from Indi, Thilnd, Tiwn nd othr countris in mny rs of th US, including Dnvr.
For ny sin mricn who is th lst bit intrstd in prid or dignity, must concntrt on th tsk of building n unhyphntd sin mric. Socil xprimnttion rquirs innovtion; politicl nd culturl unifiction of such divrs community will b chllng. Only hndful of immigrnt popls - lik uropn Jws nd fricn mricns - hv succss- fully rsistd th sirn cll of unqul ssimiltion.
Som sin mricns, howvr, nithr sk nor dsir culturl intgrity, nd tht honstly bffls m. Who wouldn't wnt to dfnd nd propgt thir culturl vlus Who wouldn't wnt strngth nd idntity for thir popl Who wouldn't wnt to rplc n opprssiv rc hirrchy with systm in which whits nd popl of color r truly qul
This is not xtrmist or irrsponsibl rhtoric. In my opinion, this is truth, convyd in th simplst nd hrshst sns. If w turn our bck now on th srch for individul nd collctiv idntity, w rsolv ourslvs to th trnl shm of culturl dft. Undrstnd tht modrtion nd ccomodtion is unccptbl. In this fight ginst whit rul, compromis is collbortion. In this struggl, middl ground dos not xist.
llinc rquirs scrific nd commitmnt. Whil sin-mricns hv vry rich cultur, oftn thy suffr from problms of idntity criss, s do mny in this country. Should on mintin sns of fmily history Or is it bttr to try to blnd in nd ssimilt with th rst of mric This is problms mny minoritis, in gnrl, fc, but sin-mricns sm to hv prticulr prsnc in this problm.
Thr r countlss rsons s to why this could b. This ppr will xplor spcific problms mong sin-mricns trying to find n idntity s wll s possibl rsons nd solutions for this problm. Th informtion from this ppr coms from books contining orl historis, sttisticl books, nd prsonl intrviws, s wll s smttring of hypothsizing nd uthor's contmpltion on th subjct. From th vry point in th mid-19th cntury tht Chins popl bgn to com to th Unitd Stts, thr ws gnrl distst for ths forignrs. Strotyps surroundd thm nd whil hving thir supportrs, mny popl md it publiclly known thir viws on Chins immigrnts.
Mny sin-mricns r toutd to b "th modl minority" nd, in rturn, bliv it, fls sns of scurity is dvlopd nd thir cultur ll of suddn dosn't sm tht importnt. Frquntly, howvr, ffirmtiv ction is ctully blmd for sin-mricn idntity problms. Thr r mny contributing fctors to th idntity problms of sin-mricns. From th tim tht mny of thm r smll childrn, thy r hring drogtory trms nd commnts md bout thm. Whthr it's in rfrnc to thir slntd ys or th ssumption tht thy r Chins bcus of th wy thy look, ths childrn fr bing diffrnt, s do ny othr childrn. Oftn, this nm-clling is rsult of child fling inscur bout himslf nd thus lds to nding to put somon ls down who is diffrnt in physicl pprnc in ordr to mk himslf or hrslf fl bttr. Oddly nough, this oftn hppns too with dults. Howvr, with dults it is mor obviously sign of common mntl disordr clld rcism.
Childrn oftn us populr cultur to find rol modls to look up to. Somtims it's tlvision, somtims movis, somtims music. Unfortuntly, sin-mricns r svrly undr rprsntd group in music nd th movis. Fortuntly, tht sms to b chnging with folks lik th Mountin Brothrs, rising Rcords, nd sin-mricn ctors ll providing positiv rol modls for sin-mricn childrn.
duction is nothr r whr w must mk chngs. Th currnt stt of public school duction is frightning. History nd cultur tht is tught throughout th Unitd Stts is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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