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It employs the application and production of electrical devices at a nanometer scale. The effect of this technology is apparent in our daily lives given that its…
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Nanotechnology Applications
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Na chnology Applications al Affiliation) Na chnology presents a vivid of technological advancementcurrently experienced across the globe. It employs the application and production of electrical devices at a nanometer scale. The effect of this technology is apparent in our daily lives given that its application and progress is coming to culmination. The technology presents a multidisciplinary field of research. The growth in knowledge and engineering at the nano-scale is vital for economic affluence, national security and augmentation of life quality. Nanotechnology has the potential of changing the society through a powerful transitional force. The rapid advancement in the field of nanotechnology calls for advance knowledge and research in its applications as well as the associated risks.
Nanotechnology is currently the center fold of research and study. In consequence, the technology is rapidly growing in terms of advancements. The technology has immense potential for producing innovations and improvements in a variety of area in life; faster and smaller devices; increased product life cycle; mitigated use of harmful and scarce resources; improved health treatment, and faster, cleaner and safer manufacturing (Langwith, 2009).
Scientific concepts
Nanotechnology entails the manipulation of matter at an atomic or molecular level with the aim of manufacturing novel devices and materials with new astonishing properties. The technology is not new rather it is the combination of knowledge from the amalgamation of multiple scientific disciplines to transform materials at the nano-scale.
The research and studies done on the application of quantum mechanics enables nanotechnology to be revolutionary and innovative at the same time. It has been discovered that there is a momentous changes in the performance of matter when its surface area to volume ratio is dramatically increased. The behavior of materials is currently under the control of quantum physics instead of classical physics. For this reason, nano-structured material poses more favorable properties and abilities than the bulk material version. Polymers are considered insulators in their bulk form but nanotechnology transforms them into semiconductor at nanoscale (Langwith, 2009).
Existing and future application of nanotechnology
Medicine: In medicine, nanotechnology has been employed to develop nano-particles capable of delivering drugs to the diseased cell. The machinery has also aided in the manufacture of bio-compatible materials which are used to make medical implants. The production of stents is significant in preventing artery blockage.
Engineering: The technology has immensely been applied in communication and electronic. The existence is apparent in the lessened weight and power consumption of electronic devices. A projection in the increase of data processing speed is estimated including the accessibility of new handy devices. The technology has a prospective of revolutionizing the world of data transfer and communication (Boehm, 2013).
Fuel cell development: The technology has the potential to increase the life cycle of the existing fuel cell through improved technology while reducing their catalysts. The energy alteration effectiveness of the solar cells will also be augmented thereby reducing their cost.
Space exploration: Nanotechnology will immensely reduce the cost of space exploration through invention and innovation of smaller and lighter spacecraft and payloads. The current spacecraft are costly to launch give the size and bulkiness.
Air and water purification: Nanotechnology has a number of capabilities that can be applied in air and water purification and the environment as a whole. The technology can be applied in remediation and purification (clean up), detection and sensing of contamination and pollution prevention.
Agriculture: Lone molecule recognition in determining substrate and enzyme interactions, nano-capsules for the efficient release of fertilizers, insect killers and other agrichemicals, nano-sensors for scrutinizing soil situations and crop growth and nano-particles to deliver DNA to plant through targeted genetic engineering (Boehm, 2013).
Real-world applications
Super condoms: these have been developed through nano-fabrication technique (electro-spining). It capable of delivering anti-HIV drugs while preventing pregnancy then evaporates with few hours depending on the way it has been manufactured.
Molecule printers: this innovation is capable of manufacturing new cancer drugs through drag and drop DNA.
Artificial muscles: nanotechnology has been utilized in manufacturing of the most powerful artificial muscle through the application of nanotubes (Waser, 2009).

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