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A statement of research interests - Admission/Application Essay Example

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My goal is to be the best in my academics and studying a master’s degree in education is my ultimate endeavor. I graduated from King Abdul-Aziz University Teacher’s College in 2012 where I scored an impressive GPA average of 3.76/5. I was…
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A statement of research interests
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Extract of sample "A statement of research interests"

Application Essay Application Essay Every individual has a goal in life. My goal is to be the best in my academics and studying amaster’s degree in education is my ultimate endeavor. I graduated from King Abdul-Aziz University Teacher’s College in 2012 where I scored an impressive GPA average of 3.76/5. I was apt in dealing with my class work and spent most of my time in school socializing with other people. I love being part of group and learning new things every day. This has made it easier for me to be acquainted to various attributes that interest me in my career of choice.
After completing my undergraduate, I worked in the data entry department of a large company for seven months. It was a good experience because it had people from various countries. The diversity taught me a lot in dealing with different people, and that made it easier to cooperate with them for the period I worked there. I learned a lot and sharpen my computer skills as well. After that, I went to teach at a local school as an English teacher, which was my undergraduate major. It was a good challenge as I learned first-hand the application of my skills to the students. I worked there from September to February 2013. In March of the same year, I was came to Canada and settled at Ottawa. While there, I took English courses for a year before moving to Montreal for some French lessons. I wanted to get involved in as many cultures as possible, as well as took some courses on language and society at the Carleton University. As such, I have grown my skills and competencies especially in dealing with diversity, as well as making good use of my skills by training others to be better at what they do.
I have written researches and involved myself in several activities in the society. These experiences shape the way I think and address my core needs and values that expose my extrovert personality. I participated in the graduation ceremony prepared by the University of Ottawa where I gave a speech and even shared a poem. Other than doing researches and participating in various community activities, I love writing poems in both English and Arabic. The two languages give me an opportunity to learn more about myself and indulge in the building of a bridge between my culture and those I come across in life. I yearn to be better by engaging in higher levels of learning that entrench deep values of diversity and growth.
I am sure that your institution will accord me a chance to be better in what I do and what I yearn to do in the future. I am willing to use my skills and competencies to promote diversity and social activities across the university. I will be a good addition to the university and my cross-cultural understanding and knowledge will play a huge role in meeting the inherent needs of both my colleagues and myself. I look forward to benefiting from the experience and able training of the university’s professors. Read More
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(A Statement of Research Interests Admission/Application Essay)
A Statement of Research Interests Admission/Application Essay.
“A Statement of Research Interests Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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