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Motivating Adult learners/ in the paper what i learn about adult learning - Essay Example

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Adult Learning program concerns an individual who has failed to take education at the right time either due to lack of opportunities or for financial constraints. Here is an opportunity for the adult learner to correct his past mistakes and take to the path of transformation…
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Motivating Adult learners/ in the paper what i learn about adult learning
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Download file to see previous pages It is impossible to define the starting point of adult learning. The expanse of adult learning is enormously broad and its fuller picture is in the process of evolving.
The contextual / sociocultural perspective on development works from the point of view that adult development cannot be understood apart from the socio-historical context in which it occurs (Miller, 1993). People are inseparable parts of the context in which they live. Culture impacts the thinking process of the people and the developmental stance takes off and progresses accordingly. Different cultures highlight different kinds of tools on account different cultural practices and values. The dispositions of the people molds accordingly. Some such socio-cultural elements that impact adult development are class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The conglomeration of these factors contributes to adult development and learning. Common experiences shape the persistence for higher education and the discrimination affects their saga of education. Speaking about the influence of racism and sexism in their lives, Johnson-Bailey notes, "Racism and sexism impact the educational experiences of Black women in many ways. As Blacks, they are thought to be intellectually and morally inferior. As women, they are held to task for the alleged inadequacy of their genders intellect” (p. 91). The discriminatory forces in the society impact their development and style of functioning. Instructors of such students strive that their students should gain increasing knowledge about integration and higher level of understanding to enable them to join the mainstream society through proper reflection and discussion to enable them to understand the true causes of discrimination, the need to respect differences and diversity.
Prior to intelligence is taken as a factor of Adult Development, it is necessary to know the measuring yardstick of what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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