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Adult development - Essay Example

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In relation to the study conducted by Wlodkowski (2010), extrinsic form of motivation improves learning among the adult learners. Extrinsic motivation may be in…
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Adult development
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Extract of sample "Adult development"

Adult learning Adult learning Learning has to encompass motivation by the of a particular if good results have to be achieved. In relation to the study conducted by Wlodkowski (2010), extrinsic form of motivation improves learning among the adult learners. Extrinsic motivation may be in the form of rewards after completion of tasks by the adult learners. This allows the learners find satisfaction and validation for their learning; thus, evoking intrinsic motivation in them by boosting their drive to learn.
On another point of view, Wlodkowski (2010) indicates that educators must use the individual experiences that the adult learners have gone through as a learning tool. This is for the reason that the adult learners are able to relate to those experiences. The adult learners are, in this case, presented with numerous learning preferences that support learning for varying needs.
Motivating adult learners is possible through advocating for teamwork among the adult learners. Learners are challenged to the achievement of various tasks through sharing ideas. The proposed ideas can, hence, be learnt with a lot of ease; thus self actualization of an individual’s needs. Additionally, since the adult learners are best taught using problem-solving approaches, learn experientially, and have reasons for learning, then discussion is of great value to the adult learner.
Since adult learning is androgogical- focuses less on the content and more on learning processes- the educator has no alternative but to apply strategies that would boost motivation for learning, for instance, role playing, individual evaluation and simulations. Adult learners must always be kept curious and motivated to learn (Wlodkowski, 2010).
Wlodkowski, R. (2010). Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching All Adults. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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Adult Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
“Adult Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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