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Military - Essay Example

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An Amphibious operation is one where the attack is launched from the sea or ocean by deploying the power of the navy and the landing forces on the hostile areas (Speller and Christopher, 2001). The U.S Military has a very significant history when it comes to amphibious…
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Download file to see previous pages advanced capabilities, the need of an amphibious force has come under media scrutiny in the recent times because a full-fledged amphibious operation has not been conducted ever since the end of World War 2 (only small scale operations have been conducted). Additionally, the cost of maintaining an amphibious force is also very high (Mullen, 2008).
However, the amphibious force provides some specific advantages to the military power, given the volatile relationship that the United States has with several nations across the globe. This study takes a look at some of the reasons because of which United States still needs the capability to conduct amphibious operations.
Most of the operations that are conducted in the modern day are of a joint nature, where all the branches of the military collaborate to achieve the mission. In any joint operation, the presence of an amphibious force provides a certain edge (Forbes, 2012). For instance, because of the advancement in technology related to military aircrafts and artillery, most countries anticipate air-raids and ground operations and therefore, do not pay enough attention to protects it littoral area (area which is near to the shore of a water body).
Such areas are often only protected by a small coast card and small navy units deployed in certain points. In such cases, an amphibious attack can prove to be successful because the hostile nation will not be able to defend the littoral region against the strong and powerful amphibious attack of the US military.
Even if the littoral area is defended by the forces, the amphibious force has the capacity to respond in a rapid manner and this provides the military with a strong forward presence (Speller and Christopher, 2001).
One of the main tactics of a joint operation is to disperse the forces so that the hostile military is not able to focus on one particular region and respond in a strong manner. In such a scenario, the amphibious force proves to be a strong point ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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