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Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana PM19 protein by functional complementation of yeast mutants - Essay Example

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Because of its structure, its role in transcellular transport is likely. S. cerevisiae cell lines with mutated K+ channels is a good study model to determine whether PM19 has a role in K+ transport or not. In this…
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Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana PM19 protein by functional complementation of yeast mutants
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Extract of sample "Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana PM19 protein by functional complementation of yeast mutants"

Download file to see previous pages This implies that PM19 compensated for the absence of trk1p, and thus it also acts as a high-affinity K+ transporter. In plants, since ABA, a hormone released in response to water desiccation, increases PM19 expression, the overproduction of the membrane protein allow the cells to imbibe the important K+ ion despite the low concentration in the environment.
The DNA sequence of an organism remains constant throughout its life despite the multitude of processes it undergoes by preventing DNA mutations that might alter genetic information, and by ensuring the structural integrity of chromosomes and their orderly transmission to progeny cells. It is necessary to prevent alterations of DNA sequence that may change information encoded in genes because it may cause dysfunction of proteins that are important in the different physiologic activities of the organism.
Proteins are the most significant class of molecules in biochemistry, although of course lipids and carbohydrates are also crucial for all living species whether eukaryotic or prokaryotic such as human, animal, plant and bacteria. Proteins organize and make the basics of life. They control of all actions in each known organisms, for example, the expression of the genetic code, transport of molecules, oxygen and minerals to in or out of the cells, therefore, proteins are responsible for controlling the machinery of cellular which is the phenotype of an organism (Lau, 2005). Moreover, the eukaryotic cell is surrounded by the membrane, which has the control for all substances that can enter in or out of the cell. Although the fundamental structure of membrane is made up by the lipid bilayer, the most particular functions of the plasma membrane are carried out by proteins and provides each sort of membrane a specific feature and characteristic, so under these circumstances the only part of cell that can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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