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Project A: Research Problem - Essay Example

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In this regard, it would be worthwhile to note that adolescents who might have been victims of sexual abuse at any point in their lives have a…
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Project A: Research Problem
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Extract of sample "Project A: Research Problem"

Project A Research topic Are formerly abused children more prone to committing violent crimes? ment of the problem The topic of mistreatment and child abuse has been seen to have disastrous effects on the lives of affected individuals as they grow up. In this regard, it would be worthwhile to note that adolescents who might have been victims of sexual abuse at any point in their lives have a higher likelihood of suffering from posttraumatic stress turmoil. In addition, there individuals have also become dependent on the use of drugs and alcohol with the hope of solving their problems. It is from this kind of lively hood that abused children end up engaging themselves in crimes. A majority of them coming crime to earn a living while a substantial proportion of them engage in crime due to peer pressure (Hilfiker, 2003). Data collected across many countries has also proven that children brought up in violent homes or environments have higher chances of engaging in youth crimes, which later lead to their deaths.
Research questions
Is there hope to savage children from violent backgrounds?
What can be done to help heal affected children?
What are the various types of child neglect?
What is the link between child abuse and adult criminality?
Hypothesis of the study
The study aims to find out if there is a way in which physically abused children can be molded into responsible and resourceful citizens of their respective countries. We will also want to establish after conducting intensive analysis if, cases of child abuse can be mitigated or reduced (Hilfiker, 2003).
Children are most vulnerable to crimes in the society. It has been established that most of the offenders in a variety of instances are family members and acquaintances. Every year, close to three million cases of child abuse are reported worldwide (Hilfiker, 2003). This has become an issue of concern among the various sectors of the society, hence raising the need to come up with suitable measure to control the crime. In addition, this research paper will also be seeking to gather statistics on cases of criminal behavior among children that experienced abused (Hilfiker, 2003). Further, this research will also establish all links that could possibly exist between criminal behavior and the bringing up of children.
Establishing the number of foster children and investigating their behaviors will give us accurate information between the two factors. It is also in the course of this research where we will be able to identify all set up programs that are meant to help foster children from leading lives of crime (Regoli, Hewit & Maras, 2013). One similar study conducted by a scholar named Rochester, was able to establish that maltreatment of children was a key risk factor contributing to delinquency. This was also found to contribute to escalated cases of child arrests, illicit use of drugs as well as violent offending (Regoli, Hewit & Maras, 2013). It was further found that issues of overwhelming emotions such as guilt, anger and shame were mainly contributed by child abuse. In fact, adult victims found it more difficult to control emotions, as they felt betrayed and unwanted by the society. We will therefore come up with better ways of mitigating all the necessary evils coming about because of child maltreatment.
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Hilfiker, D. (2003). Urban Injustice: How Ghettos Happen. New York: Seven Stories Press.
Levinson, D., & Sage Publications, Inc. (2002). Encyclopedia of crime and punishment. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage Publications. Read More
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Project A: Research Problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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