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Ethics in computing or Data Protection Act - Research Paper Example

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To protect data stored in the database that I developed, I ensured that I incorporated are wide range of security controls to help protect the database against compromises of confidentiality and integrity. In the database projects, I incorporated technical and procedural…
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Ethics in computing or Data Protection Act
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Download file to see previous pages This requires safeguarding data through viable planning. This may require data reliable data back up and protection. These protections required for data are regulated by the data protection Act (1998). While these Acts seemed comprehensive at the time of legislation, they have come to show that there are a number of loop holes that can be exploited by various interest groups to achieve their ends (Strobl, Cave, &, Walley, 2000).
According to Strobl, Cave, &, Walley, (2000), data protection is a regulation that places me in an awkward position while doing my project on data bases. This act made it very important for me to ensure I introduce structures geared at protecting the information of the data subjects. To ensure that I never contravened the data protection Act or anybody using the databases does not override the data protection act, I ensured that the available controls provided by the existing file systems are upgraded and if possible combined to improve the level of security of the data (Per Arne Godejord, 2008).
While this was not only focused on ensuring that the data inside were protected and that the data subjects rights are upheld, I had to ensure that I had in place proper structures for Access control and auditing. However, I had to come up with plans to ensure that the authentication and encryption processes are always up to date. Updating the programs helped me maintain the integrity of the files.
Though it is a requirement of the data protection act to ensure that, the personal data are fairly processed. I had to ensure that I carried out a vulnerability assessment and compliance. This is in line with the requirement of that Act that any personal data be processed in fair and lawful manners. Vulnerability assessment and compliance is important in ensuring that data are not processed against the wish of the data subject. After assessing vulnerability, I also configured ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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