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Sowftware design problem - Research Paper Example

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Such systems are exceedingly difficult to debug. This is because they lack mechanisms to inform the developers when the software is behaving anomalously, as well as which part of the…
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Sowftware design problem
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Extract of sample "Sowftware design problem"

Download file to see previous pages The power of computers in such an activity leads to the establishment of numerous software companies, which are engaged in developing a variety of applications.
As a safety related system is under development, a safety argument is under preparation that shows why confidence needs to be put in the system’s ability to meet safety requirements. This leads to the question why those requirements demand safe operation. The moment the system and its arguments are acknowledged, the system is set into operation. Faults may still exist in the system or in its maintenance or operational procedures if the safety argument is not complete. If triggered, the faults can lead to a failure. In such a case, an analysis needs to be conducted to distinguish the nature of the failure. It might be random or even systemic, i.e. due to a design fault, which was introduced when the system was being developed or serviced. Failures that arise from systemic faults must be comprehensively analyzed to avoid recurrences (Baah 3).
Large projects, for example, Agropoli’s system of public transportation involves qualified personnel in the software development process. Software companies face several issues in the process of software development. These include: possible negligence of the software developer and another involves possible negligence, but adds another party who happens to be the malicious hacker. Other problems include change of rules during development, preservation of existing software, flexibility due to lack of standards as well as behavior of discrete systems. The complexity involved in the process of software development leads to software bugs. Late completion, low quality, lack of reliability and software not satisfying the stated demand are the symptoms of software bugs.
In a scenario, for example, the Agropoli’s system of public transportation where the system under development is discovered to have some difficulties during ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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