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An Effective Approach to Management - Essay Example

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A competent manager needs to implement strategies to make the employees of the organization to perform their duties efficiently and with minimum errors as possible and to…
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An Effective Approach to Management
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Extract of sample "An Effective Approach to Management"

Download file to see previous pages He should see that the tasks accomplished are according to customer satisfaction (Williams, 2010, pp.7-8) In essence, there are five specified tasks of a manager. Managers “set goals, organize activities, motivate and communicate, measure performance, and develop people.” (Daft, 2011, p.5) There are different approaches to management. Some of the most influential ones are classical approach, the human relations approach and contingency approach. Each approach offers valuable insights for practicing managers in their efforts to define management problems and opportunities, and to develop ways to deal with them. This paper focuses on human relations approach of management with Accenture as case study.
The traditional classical theory of management was a drawback in many ways. It failed to comprehend the behavioral patterns of individual employees. This theory is a concept of rigid laws in management practice. This theory is based on the assumption that employees are motivated only by financial incentives, and ignored the human aspect of employees i.e. their social and psychological needs. This theory assumed that productivity is the only objective of an organizational body and ignored the multiple goals of the organization. Overall, the classical approach is more mechanical with no focus on motivation and inter-personal relationships between employees and management personnel (Agarwal, 1983, p.29) As a result a natural outgrowth of this management theory is the human relations theory also known as behavioral management theory. This theory came into practice in the 1930s (Griffin & Moorehead, 2009, p.85) and is based on the concept “satisfied workers will give more work.” (Daft & Marcic, 2010, p.30) The initial focus of the theory was on worker cooperation and thoughtful management, but gradually the focus shifted to the daily performance of workers. The concept of this theory was to integrate skilled and quality performance with motivation aspects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Effective Approach to Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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