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Management in health care - Essay Example

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Health care systems that encourage cooperation and involvement of the workers in contributing to the running of the institution tend to operate efficiently. A research…
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Management in health care
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Extract of sample "Management in health care"

Download file to see previous pages This report shocked health care experts and many organizational leaders are evaluating their health care delivery systems (Thweatt & Kleiner 2007).
There is a call to health care experts to apply professional management approaches in health care provision. This paper covers the issue of management in healthcare. It highlights the role and importance of management in healthcare. It will give an insight on how to practice management and the problems that may be encountered in health care management.
The research will look at two approaches, the scientific management approach and human relation management approach. It will show how each of the approaches is applied in running an organization. The research will also show how the two approaches are jointly applied in running an organization. A critical analysis of the two methods will show the similarities and differences between the two approaches of management. Drawing from an example of an institution that has applied a combination of the two approaches in management, we shall see if the approach is successful or not.
The paper will conduct further analysis to show the implications of applying the two management approaches to health care service delivery. The analysis will focus on the people who work in health care service delivery organizations. This will help in finding out how these management approaches affect them in terms of problems they may face, benefits if any and possible suggestions on how to improve the strategies used to better suit the workers. The paper will also highlight the implications of the research to students who study public health.
The primary role of management is to formulate policies, organize, plan, control and direct the resources of an organization so as to achieve the objectives of the policy. Management is defined as how an organization coordinates and organizes its activities in accordance to policies set so as to achieve the defined objectives of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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