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Organizational Change - Essay Example

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However, the eagerness of change in an organization can immensely influence the innovation ability. This eagerness is reflected in attitudes, beliefs and intentions of organization’s member. In…
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Organizational Change
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ABC Corrections Agency XYZ Consultants 2 February Organizational Change in Correction’s Agencies Implementing Organizational Change in Correction’s Agencies
Implementing organizational change in any entity can be a difficult process. However, the eagerness of change in an organization can immensely influence the innovation ability. This eagerness is reflected in attitudes, beliefs and intentions of organization’s member. In correction agency, implementing is even more difficult. A snapshot of implementing change in correction’s agency has been given below.
Methods of Organizational Change in Corrections Agencies
The following methods are implemented in order to implement change in Corrections Agencies.
‘Prison-Based Work Release System- (PWRC)’
PWRC is a center established in urban vicinity (Lerch, James-Andrews, Eley & Taxman, 2009). State’s Department of Correction operates this facility. PWRC typically employs 5 case managers and 35 correctional officers. The average age of the members of staff is 40 years. A large number of staff is male however; during the first couple of years of data collection, approximately 70% members of the staff were female. In the third year, this percentage dropped to 60%. Around 70% of the staff has obtained their high school diploma and around 90% of the staff in based on African-American employees.
‘Change Processes’
PWRC has implemented a change process that emphasized on modifying the climate and culture of the facility. The goal of PWRC is to create a learning environment that supports the results of offenders. A training model, as part of change process, was implemented to evaluate the organizational change.
The change process comprised of 2-day communication process, which focused on building communications skills of staff so that they can communicate with offenders in an effective manner. The purpose of this training was to create a sustainable change (Rogers, 2003; Armenakis, Harris, & Mossholder, 1993).
‘Continuous Training Model’
This training system addresses the need to external facilitators and coaches in order to help the staff members for learning material in training session. On-site training is a tool that comprises of intensive coaching as well as coaching after training sessions.
Appropriate Method
The most appropriate method for implementing organizational change in correction agency is ‘Continuous On-Site Training’. This method focuses on implementing change for communication strategies, which are utilized by staff as well as for organizational readiness.
Reasons for Selecting Appropriate Method
It has been observed that the most important factor to address in any organization while implementing change is communication skills. If communication skills are appropriate then any change can be implemented easily. If staff members are taught that change is for their own benefits then they will be eager to adopt the change. Therefore, the most appropriate method is to implement ‘Continuous On-Site Training’. By this method, staff members will be trained and taught to adopt the change.
Ways of Achieving Organizational Change
In order to implement a change successfully, first the ‘fear of unknown’ from the minds of staff members must be removed. It can be done by:
Communicating the staff members about the benefits and necessity of the change
Providing interactive training session where staff members can learn and participate
Using tools and tactics in the real work environment and obtaining real-time feedback
Incorporating change n the organizational culture and climate
Prior to implementing change, recognizing the obstacles in correction agencies and implementing the appropriate change method can help in acquiring sustainable change. The organization must seek and consider the interest of staff members and should take decision accordingly.
Works Cited
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Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of Innovations (5th ed.). New York: Free Press. Read More
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Organizational Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
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