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Organizational Change and Development - Essay Example

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The proposed research “Organizational Change and Development” builds on the assumption that organizational change is the concept with no clear boundaries and draws on a number of traditions and social disciplines, as well as the presence of multiple management perspectives…
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Organizational Change and Development
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Extract of sample "Organizational Change and Development"

Download file to see previous pages Argument The proposed research builds on the assumption that organizational change is the concept with no clear boundaries and draws on a number of traditions and social science disciplines (Hughes 2006). The complexity of the organizational change phenomenon justifies the presence of multiple change management perspectives. Interpretation of the issue That organizational change is interpreted in a number of ways is a well-known fact. Much has been written and said about the various perspectives on organizational change and change management. The organizational change process is extremely complex. Generally, organizations apply to change, with the goal to transform and, consequentially, adapt to environmental changes (Stacey 1995). Organizational change is always rational and intentional (Stacey 1995). Most organization theories explain and confirm the variability of organizational characteristics (Hannan & Freeman 1994). The multitude of organizational change perspectives can be interpreted from a number of viewpoints. The causes and anticipated consequences of organizational change greatly affect organization attitudes to change. Environmental variables and the disciplines on which organizational change frameworks build matter a lot. The issue in question should be interpreted through the prism of the organizations’ values, missions, and performance principles. ...
II. Organizational change perspectives – a view from the bottom: identifying the causes and drivers of organizational change. III. The process of organizational change – how and why different organizations implement change. IV. Organizational change resources – different perspectives on organizational change as a reflection of resource availabilities and constraints. V. Organizational change and outcomes – why organizations introduce change and what they seek to achieve. The proposed research assumes that the complexity of the organizational change phenomenon and primarily responsible for the multitude of perspectives on change in organizations. This is why each and every aspect of organizational change, from causes to anticipated consequences, should be considered. First, the essence and implications of the organizational change phenomenon should be clarified. Second, different perspectives on the causes and drivers of organizational change will need to be explained, followed by the analysis of the organizational change processes and anticipated outcomes. In many instances, the multiple theories of change reflect the diversity of modes and ways to shape our understanding of the world (Grieves 2010). Grieves (2010) lists several important perspectives on organizational change: structural-functional, multiple constituencies, organizational development perspective, and critical theory of change. The proposed essay will rely on these and other perspectives, to produce a coherent vision of the organizational reality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Change and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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