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Organizational Change and Development at IBA - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Organizational Change and Development at IBA” the author evaluates the process of organizational development and change at IBA, which was undertaken by the Haxan Consulting group. The executives at IBA provided Haxan consultants with a crude form of information about the problems at IBA…
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Organizational Change and Development at IBA
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Extract of sample "Organizational Change and Development at IBA"

Download file to see previous pages The results revealed that the employees had no incentive for working in an innovative way and they were not compensated in the right manner. The clients were not given any incentive to return, therefore, most of them went to the competition. The employees working over three years were given special benefits if they sign a contract to work for the organization for at least 3 more years. Employees were given training sessions for better customer experience. Informal dinner or lunch each was scheduled each month in order to enhance the level of communication in the organization. Ten months after the implementation of these changes, the consultants returned for evaluation and found that the results have shown a successful change in the organization as sales also increased and the clients marked their experience with IBA as remarkable.
Haxan Consulting has been in the business of organizational and development consulting for 9 years and has helped a number of multi-national corporations in improving the organizational culture and development. The consulting group has a success rate of over 90% as the organizations which have consulted Haxan Consulting have witnessed an organizational transformation.
Haxan Consulting was called in by the top executives of IBA in order to intervene in its organizational development project. This organizational development project was not solving the cultural problems because of which the project was started. Instead, the project was backfiring to the management as productivity started to decrease and motivation among the employees was very low. The main challenges that the management of IBA was facing are:
Prior to the visit to IBA, Haxan was provided with an internal report developed by one of the executives of IBA. This report included the major issues addressed above and the financial information about the company. This was the only information that was available to Haxan consultants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Change and Development at IBA Case Study.
(Organizational Change and Development at IBA Case Study)
Organizational Change and Development at IBA Case Study.
“Organizational Change and Development at IBA Case Study”.
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