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OSHA - Essay Example

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offer a number resources, tools, and programs to help employers maintain a safe and healthful environment within its business. These training materials and educational programs can prepare and broaden the knowledge of,…
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Extract of sample "OSHA"

Due OSHA Part How to Be Successful and Compliant The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offer a number resources, tools, and programs to help employers maintain a safe and healthful environment within its business. These training materials and educational programs can prepare and broaden the knowledge of, both, employees and workers in important ways to avoid issues like health hazards and safety risks within the workplace. For this reason, there is little excuse for not complying with OSHA’s goals within any given business. If I were responsible for running, operating, or managing a business I would make certain that I was fully compliant at all times. I would gain the necessary knowledge and fully understand how it applies to the business industry I am in. More so, I would, absolutely, provide the necessary training to all employees; that way everyone is on the “same page.” If everyone is clear in what is necessary, expected, and why it is important then, very likely, the business would operate efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Regardless of the industry your business falls under, agricultural, construction, health care, mining or manufacturing, there are available resources for understanding and implementing the proper health and safety requirements for your business. The most important element to making certain that the necessary OSHA requirements are being met is through guaranteeing that the safety and health policies within the company are enforced Larger business, in particular may not be aware that their managers, supervisors, and employees are not following or enforcing the requirements. This can become a problem because OSHA can appear for an impromptu inspection; no prior warning is required. For this reason, I think I would be very vigilant and actively involved in making certain that all rules and procedures are being followed. Also, although I am not a fan of a “snitch mentality” among the workers, I would make certain that there were safe and anonymous way for anyone who witnesses serious negligence in regards to safety or its policies; the anonymity will prevent fear of retaliation and give the business the opportunity to step into the situation and fix the problems. I think that if I provide the training, lead by example, and follow all procedures then the business I am responsible for will remain OSHA friendly.

Part 2-The Ins and Outs of the Social Professions
OSHA is an organization filled with the research, hard work, and effort of thousands of Safety Professionals.("Industry-Specific Resource: OSHA" 1) The safety professions, in simplest terms, are those jobs that focus on preventing harm to human beings, the environment, and property respectively. Some may say the safety professions rely on principles from fields like psychology, physics, environmental science, ergonomics, and engineering. Essentially, they work to avoid people coming into contact with issues or situations that can directly contribute to physical risks, illness, or potential accidents. ("Career Guide to the Safety Profession" 3-4) Safety professionals, essentially, use their area of expertise and apply it in various ways, whether it is fire prevention, health hazard control, or an individual that monitors to make certain that safety requirements are being met. Safety professionals in general are those who are strong communicators with positive people skills who are dedicated to securing safety for others; someone who undermines rules or neglects their importance is not someone who would make an effective safety professional. Safety professionals, much like their areas of specialty, also, work in a multitude of environments. Essentially, there will be safety professionals in any environment where people might be exposed to potential risks or hazards.

The employment outlook for safety professionals is highlighted as being very positive. Even in the harsh economic times and high unemployment rates, the fields of safety professionals remains in demand.("Career Guide to the Safety Profession" 11-12) Dependent upon the area of specific expertise the salary prospects range from, approximately, $30,000 to $150,000 per year. As mentioned earlier, in order to be successful as a safety professional it is essential to be a strong communicator; being able to convey necessary information to people at all levels, ages, and backgrounds. Because the different fields and varying areas of expertise, there interest areas; it offers opportunities for all sorts of potential professional candidates.("Industry-Specific Resource: OSHA" 1)

All of the safety professional profiles I reviewed, all are interesting, different and focus on varying disciplines, all are relevant and in demand. However, it is Justin B. Walker whose story seems the one to most likely relate to the direction that I am going, or would like to go. I think that his active involvement in campuses ASSE chapters and dedication to receiving individual accreditations is very wise. Mr. Walker was, ultimately, hired into a company with a positive future and room for professional growth.("Career Guide to the Safety Profession" 35) I would like very much for my future to be similarly successful.
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