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Plant Project - Research Paper Example

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They are used for such purposes as health care and food and can even be used for building in certain regions of the planet, and the benefit of such use is that, though…
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Plant Research Project
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Extract of sample "Plant Project"

Download file to see previous pages A brief consideration of theoretical information about the mentioned plant will be beneficial for better perception of the results of the present study. Andrographis, or Andrographis paniculata, belongs to the family Acanthaceae. (Hobbs, Gardner, 2013, 17). The motherland to the plant is the Tropical Asia, particularly the Indian Subcontinent with its areas of India and Sri Lanka. (GRIN, 2005). Andrographis hs been naturalized to several geographic locations, it is widely cultivated and can be seen today in such regions as Africa (Mauritius), Temperate and Tropical Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia), Southern America (the Caribbean region), Central America, Australia. (GRIN, 2005). “The plant is erect and widely branching, reaching 2 to 3 feet tall, with long, green, square stems; small, lance-shaped leaves; and tiny, flecked, white to pale pink flowers in long, slim clusters.” (Hobbs, Gardner, 2013, 17).
Andrographis is primarily used for the medical (medicines making) and treatment purposes: it is possible to find it at the chemists’ as tablets and capsules. (Hobbs, Gardner, 2013, 17). This plant possesses such beneficial from the medical point of view features as immunity boosting and antiviral effect. (Hobbs, Gardner, 2013, 17). Traditional form of this plant application has been the form of decoction or tea, which could be accompanied by herbs possessing sweet taste (stevia or licorice), because andrographis is very bitter. (Hobbs, Gardner, 2013, 18). The mentioned medicine shall be consumed before the meals due to its effect of the digestion enhancing. The point of concern here is that it is necessary to start with a dose of tea which is weak, and then reach stronger doses. (Hobbs, Gardner, 2013, 18).
Andrographis is capable of treatment of a wide range of ailment conditions and diseases of a human body. It can be applied for preventing of flu and cold, and it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Plant Research Project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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