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Doing - Research Paper Example

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Background research done into the area of study indicates that boat yards have not received sufficient attention by way of scrutinized study into the major causes of recorded incidents at the site. Meanwhile, the occurrence of such incidents continues to be on the ascendancy by…
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Doing research
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DOING RESEARCH DOING RESEARCH Background research done into the area of study indicates that boat yards have not received sufficient attention by way of scrutinized study into the major causes of recorded incidents at the site. Meanwhile, the occurrence of such incidents continues to be on the ascendancy by the day. Results show that it is only when pragmatic interventions aimed at strengthening the relationship between OSHA and boat yard workers is improved that these cases of incidents can be brought under control (Locker, 2000). Such pragmatic interventions should include an open learning policy where the workers and employers can freely approach OSHA and have basic issues of boat yard security and safety clarified to them.
A personal assessment of my skills and knowledge shows that even though I possess some level of competence to get the idea through, there remains a major aspect of my study that needs to be improved. This is because the need to go about this research and complete it according to the required objectives demand an interrelated level of skills and knowledge that are tied around a self empowered motivation to get an issue of concern, investigated to the latter. There will therefore be additional skills in interpersonal relation, communication skills, as well as data collection and handling skills to ensure that the project is carried out to its logical conclusion. I also need to revamp my knowledge in marine safety in general and boat yard safety in specific.
Without an overall understanding of marine safety and boat yard safety to be specific, working on this research area will be like treating stomach ache by placing a plaster on the tummy. This is because the core or depth of the problem will not be reached. Most times, people working in the marine area have been identified to have their own peculiarities and depths of issues that affect and undermine their safety, security and general wellbeing. It is only when a researcher has an adequate level of knowledge on these that the best forms of interventions can be identified for them. As part of finding out about boat yard safety, specific aspects of learning such as causes of risk, risk factors, effects of risk, and solutions to marine risks must all be considered.
The original idea of the research shall be changed significantly in this new project. It would be noted that the original idea laid emphasis on employee and employer forum. As far as the original ideas are concerned, there is one major deficiency that may hinder its feasibility. This is the absence of prove of the viability of the project. Generally, there is not much reference or literature support that proves the viability of the project. To this effect, a reference book to aid in a new technical research is identified and included. This reference book is “Marine fire prevention, firefighting, and fire safety / Maritime Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce (1979)” by Maritime Training Advisory Board (U.S.); United States Maritime Administration; Robert J. Brady Company and National Maritime Research Center. It would be noted that the book acts as a manual for general marine and boat yard safety, with specific emphasis on fire safety. The book shall be used as a reference to support the study’s viability as it contains specific cases of recorded boat yard incidents, how they were handled, evaluation of the handling of various incidents, legal premise to marine safety, and of course the roles and responsibilities of agencies such as OSHA in coordinating with stakeholder in boat yard safety.
The original idea that was put up for the research proposed that there will be the setting up of forum for employers and employees. Going forward however whole idea will be changed into a more comprehensible idea that focuses more on OSHA and its contribution to safety at the boat yard. The reason for this change is that further research and investigation has established that employees and employers must be beneficiaries of interventional programs aimed at bringing about sanity, rather than facilitators. The justification for this is that the employees and employers do not have the needed skills and knowledge that can carry such safety interventions to its logical conclusion (Locker, 2000)
Locker, K. O. (2000). Business and Administrative Communication 5th ed. Boston: Irwin McGraw-Hill. Read More
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Doing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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