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Writing improvement - Essay Example

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Pizza Hut is considering launching of a new product called “The Extreme” which will be the largest pizza on the market being made of double cheese and double toppings. Its price is set at $19.99 and targets the X and Y generations which are the fastest growing segments…
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Writing improvement
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Extract of sample "Writing improvement"

Writing Improvement Exercises (Ch. 3) Sentence types 16. a 17. b 18. c 19. d 20. d Sentence faults
21. Comma splice. Although they began as a side business for Disney, destination weddings now represent a major income source.
22. Fragment. About 2,000 weddings are held yearly which is twice the number just ten years ago.
23. Run-on. Weddings may take place in less than one hour but the cost may be as much as $5000.
24. Run-on. Limousines line up outside Disney’s wedding pavilion because ceremonies are scheduled in two-hour interval.
25. Comma splice. Many couples prefer a traditional wedding while others request a fantasy experience.
26. b is more emphatic because it specifies which products and they services they offer.
27. b as it is specific to the costs of advertising.
28. b. because listing what is to be considered show how important they are.
29. a. because it is simple and direct to the point.
30. b. as it provides more information about the seminar indicating its importance.
31. b. because it is starting with the date which ensures people won’t forget.
32. a. as it is not specific enough about the decrease.
33. b. as it is more positive hence people cannot see the seriousness of the issue.
34. a. as it specifically refers to leadership alone.
35. b. because the notice is clearly visible to all hence more emphasis.
Active-voice Verbs
36. The manager used the company’s credit card to purchase office supplies.
37. Many states passed laws that prohibited the use of social security number for identification in order to protect the students.
38. Many banks are processing checks more quickly because of new regulations.
39. FedEx scans millions of packages each night as they stream in through its Memphis hub.
Passive-voice Verbs
40. The serious error in this report seems to have been made by accounting.
41. Your order for smart surge protectors cannot be shipped until May 5.
42. The first warning about this pesticide was issued by the government more than 15 months ago.
43. Damage to rental cars is not automatically covered by your insurance policy.
44. Unless proof of insurance is shown by patients, we cannot provide patient care.
45. To improve your listening skills, stop talking, control the surroundings, listen for main points and have an open mind.
46. Paul Day who is the director of the Okefenokee branch will now supervise all Eastern division operations while Reggie Kostiz the director of Oroville branch will supervise the Western division.
47. Our newly hired employee has started using the computer to learn her co-workers names.
48. Training seminars must be stimulating and challenging.
49. Our new telecommunications software allows you to meet with customers over the internet for training hold web-based meetings and even facilitates other online collaboration within virtual teams.
50. We need more trained staff even though our office space is limited and the budget for overtime is much too small.
51. The application for a grant asks for information such as: funds required for employee salaries, how much is expected to be spent on equipment and the length of the project.
52. An email establishes a more permanent record than a telephone call.
Dangling and misplaced modifiers
53. My best source to collect new information for my equipment is the web.
54. In order for me to win a lottery, I must purchase a ticket.
55. The exciting Mandalay Bay is just one of the fabulous hotels seen when strollin along the Las Vegas strip.
56. Hundreds of unhappy employees who were angered by the slow computer service called the customer care for complaints.
Organizing Paragraph Sentences
57. One problem was that employees often omitted important information.
58. The new form will be available on April 1.
59. The hospital Safety Committee has scheduled a lunchtime speaker to discuss prevention of medical mistakes.
Building Coherent Paragraphs
60. Pizza Hut is considering launching of a new product called “The Extreme” which will be the largest pizza on the market being made of double cheese and double toppings. Its price is set at $19.99 and targets the X and Y generations which are the fastest growing segments in fast food market and will also react to low prices. Even though these population segments have responded well to other marketing plans using the extreme strategy, this “extreme” strategy has not been developed fully in the fast food market.
61. Adopting Electronic Medical Records
The federal government provides wants all medical centers to convert from using paper-based records and adopt electronic medical records failure to which the medical services will be penalized by the federal government. The move is technically challenging and will be both time-consuming and labor intensive but the federal government will provide funds to reimburse the costs. Valley Medical Center has already considered beginning soon.
62. Team conflict
Nearly all teams experience some form of conflict and they should expect that. These conflicts can be either constructive which results in better decisions being made and teams listening to one another or destructive which poisons teamwork. Teams should aim to eliminate deconstructive conflict and adopt the constructive one and this can be done through encouraging one another to express their opinion. Read More
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