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My Writing Improvements, Challenges, and Goals - Essay Example

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Whereas before when I review what I have written, I find that I am inconsistent in the tenses of the verbs, now I am more careful in…
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My Writing Improvements, Challenges, and Goals
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Extract of sample "My Writing Improvements, Challenges, and Goals"

My Writing Improvements, Challenges and Goals My Writing Improvements, Challenges and Goals What improvements haveyou seen in your writing?
One improvement that I have noticed in my writing skills is that I am now more consistent with the use of the present and past tense of verbs. Whereas before when I review what I have written, I find that I am inconsistent in the tenses of the verbs, now I am more careful in the choice of tense to use. I no longer suffer from frequent shifts in point of view when I write essays. I now try to avoid long sentences which might confuse the readers. Reading out loud the sentences helps me to check and see if there are long sentences which I can break down. I avoid repetition and redundancy. I avoid using high faluting words, but rather I use words that are simple and can easily be understood.
What are your challenges with writing?
I face several challenges in my writing. A challenge that I have to deal with is my failure to follow a specific format. I am quite confused with the APA, MLA and Harvard style. A specific problem which I encounter with regards to the different styles is the format of the in-text citations and the references. I also think that I should expand my vocabulary so as not to repeat words in a single article that I write. Another shortcoming that I have to tackle is my need to be more concise in my writing style and refrain from being overly wordy in my prose. I still find summarizing an article a challenge. I realize that I just end up copying most of the sentences in the piece that I have to summarize instead of paraphrasing them.
What are your current and future goals for continuing to improve for using writing in your academic and professional life?
I intend to improve my writing skills because I know that it is essential in communicating my thoughts, ideas and feelings. If I want to excel in my academic and professional life, I should try to enhance my writing prowess. I plan to read more prose and poetry, not to copy their style but to widen my knowledge on the various styles of writing. Doing so will also expand my vocabulary. Re-reading and editing my work more than twice will surely help me not to commit grammatical and spelling errors. Moreover, if I re-read my work, the sentence constructions will also be checked. I am determined to perfect my work by requesting other people to read it and asking their opinions on how I can further improve on it.
One important step that I can do to improve my writing is to determine who will be the readers of my work. The profile of my readers will help me choose my paper’s tone, the words I will use and the ideas I am going to present. Furthermore, before I even start to write, I have to identify the idea I want to convey to my readers. Having a thesis statement will keep me focused on the ideas which I have to include in the paper. Anything that does not support my thesis statement is irrelevant to my work. Making an outline of what I plan to write is a good way to organize my thoughts.
A goal which I want to achieve in my writing is to be able to create articles which are easily understood by the readers. I want to offer new information through my works without confusing my audience. I want my readers to clearly capture the idea that I wish to convey. I will always strive to keep my readers focused and interested. Hopefully, I can develop my own writing style that will be appealing and fascinating to the readers.
I realize the importance of having effective writing skills in my future career. Whether I become a writer, an employee or a businessman, it will certainly pay off to be equipped with good writing skills. Read More
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