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This essay focuses on that English course in question has greatly improved my ability to both express myself in writing and understand the complexities of English punctuation, proofreading, the importance of proper grammar and syntax, and the necessity of proper outlining an organization…
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Improvement of Writing in the English Course
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"Improvement of Writing in the English Course"

Download file to see previous pages  The first aspect of improvement was noted was with regards to use and misuse of certain types of observation. For instance, many of the sentences that were exhibited in the essay in question showed no sign appropriate modulation for defendant and the clauses. This is, of course, a problem due to the fact that without proper punctuation for longer sentences, a danger of run-on sentences is created. Moreover, without clear punctuation on the sentences, it was possible for the reader to become lost in this the main point of what was being stated. A further issue was noted with regards to the way in which, as were used. This was probably partly out of fear that they would be used incorrectly if used at all; however, without utilizing proper comments within the paper, the flow and main points they were attempting to be related to the reader were almost invariably lost. Although these two aspects of punctuation with the most common, there was also the technical problem exhibited on more than one occasion of the subject for agreement. This is, of course, an issue that many non-native speakers struggle to exhibit in their work; yet, it is something that I found is been greatly improved during this particular course. More than merely gaining a better understanding of what birds should be used in what way with which subjects, the better identification of how this course is helped educate me is with regards to the fact of how I am almost nearly always aware of the fact that I need to focus upon this aspect of writing....
of what birds should be used in what way with which subjects, the better identification of how this course is helped educate me is with regards to the fact of how I am almost nearly always aware of the fact that I need to focus upon this aspects of writing. From the non-technical standpoint, the writing in the previous essay exhibited a clear lack of flow and organization. It is easy to argue that one of the most important aspects of any essay is not linked nor the level of language that is use; rather, it is the ability to assist sinks we and clearly state what the main points are and relate them in an organized and coherent manner. This is does not mean to say that the essay was completely disorganized or without any sense. Instead, what was noted after a careful review of the essay was the fact that it oftentimes displayed a wondering style and did not adhere to the points of the thesis topics of each and every paragraph. Instead, additional information that was somewhat tangentially related to the subject matter was oftentimes included as an aside. More than merely being distracting, this practice led to the essay losing overall coherence and not being able to express itself adequately to the reader. As a means of correcting such a practice, I’ve come to the realization that it is absolutely necessary to outline each and every essay prior to writing and be forever mindful of topic sentence and thesis sentence for each and every paragraph. This helps the writer as a means of staying on point and fully developing the ideas at hand rather than rushing on to new and unrelated information. Another aspect of the students writing that is greatly benefited from the English course is with regards to the level of broad and otherwise unsubstantiated statements that were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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