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How I Write - Essay Example

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To this end, I approach all my writing tasks by first building a group of themes of what I am going to write about. My theme building has always taken the form of an outline and has served as the sore guide to my writing…
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How I Write
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"How I Write"

Download file to see previous pages The practice of playing music whiles writing is one thing that helps me in speeding up my work and keeping pace with my thought. This is because unlike a talk show or a speech related program where I have to concentrate on what is being said or pay attention to what is being said, when music is playing, I only act as a passive partaker of it.
Reflecting on my past, it would be said that my writing experience has seen some tremendous degree of improvement over the years. One way of measuring such degrees of improvement is when I take some of my own writings that were done years ago and begin to read over them. Even though I have often been impressed with my command over the English language, I often find some petty mistakes that I made in those days that I would not do today. Some of the negatives in my writing have been the fact that in the time past, I hardly dedicated time to reading over my work. This was indeed something I did not enjoy doing at all and so rendered some of my works to be filled with avoidable mistakes. The positives however have to do with the fact that I try to keep my thoughts in-depth and detailed.
Writing is something I have come to realize to be one of the things I enjoy most in life. My likeness for writing is howeer relative to what I am writing about. For instance, I would prefer and love to write about things that will not necessarily be assessed. This means that I am more comfortable with free style writing. This is because they enable me to be free flowing with my thoughts and takes away the pressure and demand of detailed research.
I hold a personal ambition to become a better writer with this class. I have always believed that learning and writing for that matter is a continuous process and that we get better with them if we keep doing them more and more often. I also hold the believe that knowledge is universal and so the need to seek for new ideas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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