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Investigative Report Writing. Randy Odleman Murder Investigation - Term Paper Example

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Victim Statement:
We located the victim, now deceased in the alley behind the rooming house – where he lived. His body had one gunshot in the leg and two in the back. We found a trail of blood from the back porch of the rooming house to the location of the dead body, 50 feet away. …
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Investigative Report Writing. Randy Odleman Murder Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages The victim was laying face down already dead by the time we located the body. However, we did not locate the murder weapon. The deceased had a criminal record from 2 years ago – for the Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, or Deliver – and another charge of Assault on a Female victim one year ago.
III. Witness Statements:
The only witness we found was one, Bob Smith of Maiden Lane, Raleigh who also tipped us about the commission of the crime. In his recorded statement, he explained that he lived across the street – directly, from the rooming house where the crime had occurred. He further stated that he had been home alone, reading a book when he heard several shots thus notifying the Raleigh Police Department. He stated that the rooming house had many visitors, late in the night, who drive up and enter the premises for a short period of time then leave. Further, he stated that he had called our station in the past be - because he had suspected that someone in the rooming house may have been dealing in drugs. He also stated that he was not aware of any other person, who might have witnessed the crime, but suggested that the inhabitants of the rooming house might have witnessed the same. In addition he stated that he was aware that the deceased had assaulted a certain woman leading to his arrest, prosecution, conviction and sentencing. IV. Suspect Statement: We were able to identify four suspects in relation to this murder case, and here are the Questionnaires as filled by each of them: Murder Investigation Suspect Statement Name: Ronald Wilkens   Position: student at NCSU                Date: 18th February, 2012 Worksite: N/A                Murder Date: 17th February, 2012   Time: about 11: 54 PM Thank you for helping us in examining this incident so that we can help prevent anyone from getting murdered in the future. Accuracy is very important in helping us get to the root cause of this murder. The information you give will be used against you in a court of law, should face prosecution. Please describe what you saw and heard in a chronological order. What were you doing just before the incident? I was just out riding to unwind after a long month of sitting for exams. What were you doing when the incident occurred? I had just entered into Maiden Lane, Raleigh when I heard gunshots and a lot of commotion. What did you do after the incident occurred? I panicked and decided to take off, when you bumped into me and started interrogating me. Please answer the following questions: Was it your first time to be in the vicinity of the crime scene? Not really, I once visited a relative who used to reside here, who has, since relocated to Miami. Did you know the deceased? What sort of relationship did you share? I did not know the deceased and thus no relationship existed between us Did you have any personal differences with the deceased? No, I had never – even seen him. When was the last time you saw the deceased? I never did Have you ever been to the deceased’s place of residence? No, never. Did you ever engage in any business ventures with the deceased? No, not at all. I certify that this statement is true and accurate to the best of my recollection. RW     18th February, 2012 Signature Date Murder Investigat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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