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Business Concept Description - Essay Example

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The primary focus and the heart of The Rare Tea Company is to spread an enduring relationship with their customers and farmers prior to their expansion from being a small-range company in London. Fair trade and achievement of sustainability are their ultimate ways to ensure they…
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Business Concept Description
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The Rare Tea Company Concept The primary focus and the heart of The Rare Tea Company is to spread an enduring relationship with their customers and farmers prior to their expansion from being a small-range company in London. Fair trade and achievement of sustainability are their ultimate ways to ensure they could provide high value for the people who craft their tea and their customers.
The market for tea requires high-quality and best-tasting flavour, which many small independent producers could provide. The problem is that they need such exposure for their products in which the ultimate way of doing so is on how the Rare Tea Company does it so far. Small-scale producers gain through Rare Tea’s buying harvests up-front by saving associated costs for their distribution.
Product or Service:
What is unique about the product of Rare Tea is the presence of trust it places with its small-scale producers that could generate high-standard quality of best-tasting tea in the world. Adhering to this leads to buyer-producers relationship, which the bottom line is to hold fast to product quality and sustainability, while Rare Tea continues to take charge of the entire distribution through buying harvests up-front.
Ensuring the best quality and sustainable supplies of best-tasting tea leaves is a remarkable way of giving high value for customers’ needs. This is to make sure that the customers will always have the quality product the moment they need it. In addition, the existence of fair trade from farm to customers would guarantee generating the right price for the product.
Competitive Advantage:
The Rare Tea, as a small-scale company is trying to beat highly established vast private tea farms. Its long-standing relationship with producers under small-range farming allows it to explore vast opportunity across the world as there are independent tea farmers waiting for their break. Aggregating all their productions could help Rare Tea Company address the prevailing market demand for quality tea products.
As a small company, Rare Tea needs to expand, which would require funding coming from highly established financial institutions. Potential investors seeing Rare Tea’s business sustainability may express possibility to start their investment with the company. Read More
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(Business Concept Description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Business Concept Description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Business Concept Description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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