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The perception of branded hotel in global world - Essay Example

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The main aim of this research project is to explore and investigate the perception of branded hotel in global world. In this regard, the research study tries to explore the different cultural preferences and distinction of these branded hotels…
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The perception of branded hotel in global world
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper an attempt has been made by the researcher to describe and explain the research method which will be used in order to accomplish the aims and objectives of the particular research project. The main aim of this chapter is to present and justify the different research philosophy and methods which are used by the researcher in order to find answers to the research questions. It is beneficial for the researcher to describe and define the research methodology and design in effective manner as this research design and methodology act as a guiding map for the researcher during the whole research process, and the researcher is able to find comprehensive and relevant answers to the research questions under investigation. The research design helps the researcher in collecting, analysing, and explaining the data. The research design presented in this chapter will facilitate the researcher in the search of the appropriate and thorough answers to the research questions under study and to accomplish the aims and objectives of the research study being conducted. The research purpose of this particular research study is to identify, investigate, and explain the concept of the branded them hotels within United Kingdom. Apart from this the research study is looking forward to explore the different factors which will directly influence the consumer behaviour in the selection of the branded theme hotels. Hence it can be said that the research purpose of this research study is ‘descripto-explanatory’....
Apart from this the research study is looking forward to explore the different factors which will directly influence the consumer behaviour in the selection of the branded theme hotels. Hence it can be said that the research purpose of this research study is ‘descripto-explanatory’ (Saunders, Thornhill, & Lewis, 2009, p.140). This concept of descripto-explanatory research has been generated from the combination of the exploratory research and descriptive research. In the descriptive research the researcher tends to present and explain the overall prevalent situation which is being investigated in order to get a clear idea of the overall condition (Aanstoos, 1983). In reference to this research study, the researcher has gone for the descriptive study in order to explore and describe the current situation in the hospitality industry of United Kingdom with high focus on the trends and patterns related to the concept of the branded theme hotels. On the contrary to this, the explorative research is used by the researcher in order to explore and create a proper causal relationship i.e. cause and effect relationship between the important variable and factors being investigated or studied (Patton, 2002). In reference to this research study the researcher has implemented the explorative research in order to investigate that the relationship between the different consumer behaviour variables and the growth of the branded theme hotels sector. This specific strategy or approach of integrating the both research purposes i.e. descriptive research and explorative research will in turn facilitate the researchers to come up with better and more thorough answers to the research questions being investigated. Research Approach: In order ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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