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The Use of Military Special Forces in CIA Paramilitary Operations - Research Paper Example

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The United States department of defense defines special operations as security initiatives carried out in susceptible environments, which are often denied and hostel. The aim of operations is to receive diplomatic and economic objectives while employing military capabilities…
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The Use of Military Special Forces in CIA Paramilitary Operations
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Extract of sample "The Use of Military Special Forces in CIA Paramilitary Operations"

Download file to see previous pages Some of these military activities are in public knowledge while others remain classified. There is speculation that covert paramilitary operations will end up being the responsibility of unacknowledged distinct operation units within the USSOCOM.
One of the fundamental concerns by the American people is the dichotomy of operations by the central intelligence agency and the military. This is fueled by the fact that military personnel can get involved in central intelligence agency operations1. At the same time, the central intelligence personnel can serve in the military. There is similarity in training and military operations means that it is never clear whether the central intelligence agency activities are alienated from the military activities. The nature of secrecy in the CIA operations means the Special Forces in the United States of America military can hold joint operations with CIA. The role of Special Forces in paramilitary activities is unknown to the public. Therefore, it becomes hard to tell whether a given activity is being conducted by the central intelligence agency or the particular forces of United States. For instance, paramilitary operations in Yemen require presidential authorization. Besides, the intelligence committees have to be notified. There is a growing concern on whether the same requirement applies to secret military operations. In case of a joint operation of the central intelligence agency operations paramilitary officers and Special Forces, it is not clear on whose authorizes. There is a need to known to what extent Special Forces can get involved in paramilitary activities and operations.
There is a perception that the personnel involved in United States covert operations are contractors. This poses a significant threat to the security of United States due to access of classified information2. According to Brennan, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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