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Why Has US Intelligence Struggled with Maintaining an Effective HUMINT Capability and Capacity - Assignment Example

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The author concludes that HUMINT is of primal importance in the emerging global scenario as far as intelligence operations are concerned. The Cold War approach to intelligence gathering has given way to new challenges presented by terrorist organizations and outfits. …
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Why Has US Intelligence Struggled with Maintaining an Effective HUMINT Capability and Capacity
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Extract of sample "Why Has US Intelligence Struggled with Maintaining an Effective HUMINT Capability and Capacity"

Download file to see previous pages Given the nature of HUMINT based intelligence gathering, there is a high probability that the source may be spewing irrelevant, doubtful or misleading information. This necessitates the utilization of evaluative measures to ensure that the intelligence gathered is reliable enough. Therefore, the gathered data is ranked as per reliability based on a number of factors. Generally, as a large number of intelligence resources confirm a piece of data it is held as being the truth. (Department of the Army 2006)
The methodology of HUMINT operations varies widely worldwide. The US military’s strategy is dictated both by official protocol and nature as well as a source of information. Most HUMINT activities conducted by the US military are not composed of clandestine activities.
There are various kinds of sources that may be utilized for HUMINT intelligence gathering. Information may be obtained from neutral, hostile, friendly or other sources that may not want to express their involvement. Various sources of HUMINT intelligence include (but are not limited to):
The US Intelligence community has a blemished record of HUMINT capabilities and operations. Two major recent failures are cited as evidence to indicate HUMINT failure. The first is the September 11 attack on the Twin Trade Centre Towers while the second failure is attributed to the absence of WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq as claimed by intelligence reports. (Best 2007)
In the US intelligence realm, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is seen as the primary collection source for HUMINT although the Department of Defence has certain responsibilities too. These responsibilities are taken care of by various defense attachés placed in embassies around the world as well as by myriad agents working on behalf of the theatre commanders.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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