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The strategic intelligence pertains not only with collection but also with processing interpreting and analyzing of gathered information. Generally…
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Strategic intelligence
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Topic: Strategic intelligence The strategic intelligence refers to the gathering of data and information in order to aid people in critical decisionmaking. The strategic intelligence pertains not only with collection but also with processing interpreting and analyzing of gathered information. Generally there is few different kind of data collection method pertaining to strategic intelligence. However the most important data collecting method could be figured out as OSINT and HUMINT. OSINT is the Open source Intelligence which allows the people to take decision and formulate strategic plans. “Open sources often equal or surpass classified information in monitoring and analyzing such pressing problems as terrorism, proliferation, and counterintelligence” In this sense, OSINT is extremely important for formulation of military plans and government policies
The OSINT can be segmented further into various divisions, according to the nature of the sources from which the information is extracted. However many a times officials feel that open source information are too open to be benefited for the secretive nature of military strategy or Governmental policies? OSINT can be related to wide variety of resources like internet, media and public data. The OSINT is the publicly available information which is utilized by American Intelligence Agency and U.S. Department of Defense. Apart from publicly available data, various vendors also supply information to the intelligence agency and government under one name. Generally speaking, OSINT is the easiest way of procuring information from a particular resource.
Apart from OSINT, another data collection method which is of primary importance is HUMINT.HUMINT here refers to the human intelligence and information gathered with the assistance of interpersonal connection. This can be acquired with the aid of interview with people, government advisors, accredited diplomats, espionage, Nongovernmental organizations, prisoners or detainees and refugees. Here the information is gathered or collected from interacting with real human beings. However the information collector needs to have accurate knowledge about what needs to be collected in order to make good use of the gathered information. If the information collected is inadequate, there is a chance that there would be loss of energy time and expenditure. Even while collecting information through HUMINT, attention should be given that information collected are genuine. A lack of authenticity in information gathered can result in poor military strategic plans and government policies.
A person collecting data through HUMINT should analyze the person from whom the information is collected. For instances, when information is collected from interrogation of prisoners or detainees, attention should be given to the authenticity of the information. As per (Semmel)“In stage one, the prisoner is dulled by rapid, continual questioning, forced to stand, denied access to showers, and exposed to cold, among other things. During this stage, as questioning continues, new interrogators confront the subject with errors in his statement”. Also in case of espionage, the information gathered could be in error mode as the person delivering information could be absent minded or mistaken. Moreover, the operation of HUMNIT largely depends on the official protocol of the government and the source from which the extraction of the information is decided. In this way both OSINT and HUMINT are an important data collecting method for strategic intelligence.
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Strategic Intelligence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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