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In the Pillar’s document, it is evident that there are certain changes in intelligence that aims at improving the security of United States after the military failed to prevent the US attack on 11th September 2001 as well as the US military errors in the attempt to prevent the…
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Military Science Military Science In the Pillar’s document, it is evident that there are certain changes in intelligence that aims at improving the security of United States after the military failed to prevent the US attack on 11th September 2001 as well as the US military errors in the attempt to prevent the war in Iraq due to errors in intelligence1. The major intelligence crisis as is evident in Paul Pillar’s discussion was the failure to gather relevant information to aid in the 11th September 2001 attack. This prompted the reform in the strategies of internal security surveillance as a preventive measure to protect the citizens of United States of America. The second reform in the military intelligence was in the revision of foreign policy between the USA and other countries especially in the Gulf region2.
Changes in the intensity of the US surveillance system was important because from the attacks, the USA military realized that with the use of satellite cameras, such attacks from external forces are preventable. The failures in the military prompted the intelligence to conduct an investigation on the possible prior plans that led to the attack. The investigation recommended that a special unit be established that was going to be responsible for collecting information concerning the security situation and sensitive information that could probably lead to attacks. The surveillance system after the attack was able to monitor the terror risk indicators and advise on appropriate timely actions. The US military’s decision to reform its foreign policies was equally important because from then, the US declines to make any diplomatic ties with any country associated with terror3. The failure to prevent the war in Iraq further led to poor relationship between the USA and the Gulf countries, including abolishment of the already existing diplomatic ties.
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