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Staffing - Assignment Example

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 Staffing is a process, which involves selecting and training of persons in exact job functions, individual needs, and assigning them with the responsibilities associated with them. The process involves assigning the right job to an individual; the job should be fitting the…
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Staffing  Staffing is a process, which involves selecting and training of persons in exact job functions, individual needs, and assigning them with the responsibilities associated with them. The process involves assigning the right job to an individual; the job should be fitting the person concerned. Staffing usually takes into account the skills and knowledge matching the company or organization’s employees based on the requirement of the job of concern (Searle 120). For example, having knowledge on the job specification. Staffing process in any organization is a crucial step, and it comes after processes of recruitment and selection. In general, staffing can be said to include several processes such as work force forecasting, work force planning, and appropriate strategizing. Staffing is also concern with placing of existing work force; relocating and relocating people based on the company’s needs, tasks of an individual, the projects related to the activities of the company and the appropriate professional skills of a worker.
The actual staffing process starts by the staffing companies taking efforts in studying the job requirements and specifications of their client. It is the role of the business to understand the organization’s culture before attempting in invitations of those candidates seeking the job, interviewing the candidates, and making follow up concerning their references and other appropriate details. The final process is presenting the job seekers who qualify the interviews and found by the staffing company to possess appropriate qualities for the job. Staffing can be permanent or temporary, with temporary staffing the group in the company involved in the process forms a co-employment relationship in combination with clients this is normally achieved through taking responsibilities for the agreed company’s issues. The permanent staffing, on the other hand, undertakes other roles, in addition to recruitment permission related, to permanent fulfillments for the positions, which are open to individuals wishing to go for the job.
Providing companies with candidates are usually achieved by the staffing companies, the aspects in which the companies as provided with include direct hire basis, contract and contract to high. The thorough process of interview usually enables the appropriate solutions and processes effective. Resources for learning and understanding the business, its environment, staffing needs, products and services are usually availed by the staffing company. By working out the basic staffing undertaking, the staffing companies will be in a position to have a direct link with the client companies; hence immediate clarification concerning the job expectations of a company and hence making considerations based on the provided details (Searle 120).
Effective staffing process involves several assessment techniques that are put in place for effective identification of the best individual for a given specified position. The company should ensure that they conduct technical and appropriate assessment interviews, drug screening, backgrounds, and testing. Provision of perfect matches involving client companies and professionals in a given job allows involvement on technical operations a guarantee undertaking. This is because it is cheap and provides faster solutions to the expectations of the staffing company. Information technology can efficiently assist staffing firms in reducing the costs; the reduced costs can significantly help improve the economy because the expenditure is cut down leading to ultimate improvement in various sectors of the economy.
Work Cited
Searle, Richmond. Selection, and Recruitment: A Critical Text. London: Palgrove Macmillan and Milton. 2003 Read More
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