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Cultural Foundation - I will upload them in word document - Essay Example

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He employs realism in his works thus bringing literature. Homer is considered the greatest author of ancient Greeks epic poems. This makes Homer the first author I would go for to give me my final grade…
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Cultural Foundation - I will upload them in word document
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Cultural Foundation One of the most creative and incredible of ancient texts is Homer. He employs realism in his works thus bringing literature. Homer is considered the greatest author of ancient Greeks epic poems. This makes Homer the first author I would go for to give me my final grade in this course. In the Iliad, Homer brings out several themes that are characteristic of the human nature. The author brings out themes such as rage and anger, courage, religion and love. Homer can be seen as a writer who communicates issues of the ancient world through his literature. He would therefore, grade me based on how I comprehended his poetic texts
For my grade, Homer would give me an A in cultural foundation. This is based on my ability to articulate what he had written in the Iliad with real life situations as an attempt to bring literature close to reality. In the Iliad, the author brings out Achilles as a character full of rage and anger (Homer 210). Most people get angry as well in the current world. However, we should be in a position to control this anger depending on the circumstances. Getting the message Homer was trying to put across and relating it to humans today could be the main reason for the author to give me an A.
In the Iliad, Homer also depicts love as one of the major themes. There is the love between Achilles and Breseis. There is also the love Achilles has for his mother. Love is a very crucial part of the human nature. Everyone can fall in love despite how strong or brave we are as was the case with Achilles in the Iliad (Homer 360). Homer is a poet who writes his poems based on major themes. The themes are brought out in a rather plain and direct manner. Being in a position to learn that great epic poets such as homer bring out there thoughts and expressions plainly would earn you a good grade in cultural foundation
Another great author of ancient poems is Publius Ovidius Naso (Ovid). Ovid was a roman poet well known for Heriodes, Amores, and Ars Amatoria. Most of the poetry by Ovid influenced the European art and literature. Their influence and effect spill over for many years and still shape the direction of art globally. The poet mostly writes his poems based on his personal life experiences. The author uses persona in his works to communicate to people. In cultural foundation, Ovid would also have given me an A. This is because I would learn a lot from his persona writing style. Reading a poem wrote in style links your emotions to the poem making the poem even more communicative. Homer and Ovid use poetry to communicate to people about the issues faced in society. Ability to communicate through unique style of art and literature makes Homer and Ovid stand out as great writers of ancient texts.
Work cited
Homer. Iliad. New York : Orange Street Press, 1998.Print Read More
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