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Unit 3 - visual argument - Essay Example

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The main argument in my paper is that there is a reported movement in the universal community that is undermining the basic foundation of free expression and universal human rights. Various Islamic nations that work together under OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) have…
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Unit 3 - visual argument
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Download file to see previous pages This development necessitated a strong response from the nations and NGOs that respect human rights, but even the discussion has been compromised. Some of the efforts that have been put forward by the NGO representatives and officials to call for subversion of the Islamic stated have been disrupted before the Council President banned the Human Rights Council.
One of my interesting claims that I would like to highlight in my project is that the movement that favors the Islamic Human Rights have been presented to the council as a mere complementary to Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The opposition that the proposal got; termed as a religious matter is increasingly forbidden from talks in the United Nations Chamber. The Western Powers have failed to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or withdraw from the discussion. Therefore, the worrying trends need to be traced and looked briefly into the historical explanation of the emergence of the Islamic politics into the setting of the international relations.
Various forms of technology will be used for this piece of work. Therefore, some of the technological tools that I will be comfortable with include the poppet, Jing, Apple IPad, Dropbox and also Slide Shares. Of the mentioned technological tools, the ideal ones will be slide shares, Popplet, and Dropbox. With slide share, it will be favorable to upload the presentations, videos and share them with the rest of the world. Even better, it will be possible to take advantage of materials that other people have uploaded. Popplet will be used to brainstorm ideas, create the SlideShare, mind maps and also collaborate. Finally, the drop box will be helpful for storing, sharing, and accessing data from any given place with an easy to used drop box service.
 The trailer will be the perfect genre that will be used in the work. The named genre will have a thriller type of style that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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