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How did George M. Fredrickson recalculate the definition of self-evident truth - Essay Example

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Author’s Name October 23rd 2012 How George M. Fredrickson recalculated the definition of self-evident truth The origin of slavery dates back to the early civilization of American and European continents. It is through the early trade and social interactions that the United States has people from different races and ethnic groups…
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How did George M. Fredrickson recalculate the definition of self-evident truth
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"How did George M. Fredrickson recalculate the definition of self-evident truth"

Download file to see previous pages Fredrickson highlights that in the early years of the United States revolution, racism was based on dominant whites who were superior, and lower class blacks, Indians and Asian communities who were inferior. However, this changed over time and people were further distinguished with their faiths and cultures (Fredrickson). This moved racism to a level of distinguishing people on their natural characteristics and abilities that affected their American citizenship status. This paper will highlight the recalculation of the definition of self-evident truth from the works of Thomas Jefferson and John Locke. The works of john Jefferson have been renowned for the famous philosophy of the self-evident truth. This developed in the political revolution of the United States towards independence from the British, and the main emphasis was equality of all men. This term was first used in writing of the declaration of independence, which was a document that signified unity of the country. The purpose of the document according to him was to unite the country into one shared philosophy of the ‘American Mind’. This is regarded as one of the foundations of American Revolution because it changed the politics of the country (Cannole). Jefferson’s definition of self-evident truth Jefferson argued that politics is the band that would equally unite all the people in the country and assume powers over it (Cannole). He alluded to the philosophy of upholding natural laws which were bestowed by God to every individual and respect for every person’s opinions. The definition of self-evident truth was centered on the natural understanding that God created all men equally because they have equal natural rights to life, liberty and happiness (Cannole). These natural rights were what Jefferson referred to as Self-evident truth because there was no need of proofing these rights. In addition, activists had also advocated for them, and people in the country knew them. Further, these philosophies were being taught in religions such as Christianity where all men were said to be equal (Cannole). Jefferson related the self-evident truth with governance by stating that the people formed governments and its power came from them too. The government formed on this belief would be mandated to secure the natural rights of the people, which are self-evident. Failure to safeguard the self-evident truth will lead to dissolution on the government since it does not serve the purpose. This philosophy was intended to change the political landscape of the country from British colonization and oppression such as slavery, discrimination and injustice. The dominant and in-dominant groups Discrimination of people into races in the country was prevalent during the revolution, and the whites were said to be the dominant groups and the rest were referred to as in-dominant or subordinate groups. They were divided in classes and status where a hierarchy existed. Fields highlights that the dominant groups secure huge shares of power and money while subordinate groups receive unfavorable things, and they have a hierarchy (95). The dominant and subordinate groups existed in the British Northern American colonies, and the British extorted the Native American and black people through slavery in tobacco farms which benefited the whites. The Native American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How would Frederickson recalculates the definition of 'self-evident truths'
The modern day America is a multicultural country and is admittedly plagued with accusations of racial inequality primarily on the grounds of ‘colorline’ (Fredrickson, The Black Image 633). This essay seeks to elaborate the race expert and history scholar Fredrickson’s reinvented definition of self-evident truths as a comparison to Thomas Jefferson’s original conception of self-evident truths.
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How would Frederickson recalculates the definition of 'self-evident truths'
This is reflected in his thought about social contract and government by consent whereby he delineated the extent of the power of the government and stressed the right of an individual; that if the government fails to protect life, property and liberty, then the people has the right to replace it with a new one (Witherspoon Institute).
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