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The main features of Anglo Conformity and Melting as highlighted in the essay are that Anglo conformity seeks to define the aspects of immigration and assimilation as used in the determination of the attractiveness of preserving English organizations, language, and…
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Fredrickson Question The main features of Anglo Conformity and Melting as highlighted in the essay are that Anglo conformity seeks to define the aspects of immigration and assimilation as used in the determination of the attractiveness of preserving English organizations, language, and English-oriented cultural patterns in America. As such, the theory is mostly identified with the need to conform to ideologies of assimilation as were practiced in America. The melting pot theory is characterized by the viewpoint of idealistic and generous overtones used in the attainment of assimilation in the American history (Sarat & Thomas 74). This was through the modification of the institutions brought about by English colonist and the open-door policy of immigration.
Question 2
In adopting the mindset of Anglo conformity as highlighted in the theory, one would need to be alert to the ways through American assimilation of the different ideologies was attained. This way, they would easily identify with the policies that were implemented in the realization of the American reformation and integration of divergent cultures brought by the immigrants.
Question 3
The mindset is right and appropriate for adoption by an individual and society in the sense that it would enable the recognition of the efforts put in enhancing assimilation in America. Subsequently, one would be able to accept the concepts of developing a new society as were realized in the Americanization to the extent that it is possible to integrate divergent opinions.
Question 4
To survive in the modern society, these mindsets would enable individuals and communities to promote coexistence amongst themselves in the manner that allows for the recognition of historical sacrifices made to ensure the achievement of assimilation goals (Norgren & Serena 26).
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