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Acqusitions and Mergers - Research Paper Example

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The industry chosen in this paper is the health care industry in USA that has seen many mergers and acquisitions in recent times.Many big health care units are combing up with the local firms to reduce their cost and increase manpower at the same time. …
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Acqusitions and Mergers
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"Acqusitions and Mergers"

Download file to see previous pages Two such companies chosen are Piedmont Healthcare and Saint Joseph's Health System based in Atlanta that have formed a corporate alliance with each other. Another company in the same healthcare industry that does not have a global presence outside USA and also no history of any corporate merger is The American Amputee Foundation, Inc. (AAF) that is a NGO run company in USA. Company details in brief Piedmont Health Care Piedmont Hospital is health care unit established in 2002 in Buckhead area, Atlanta. Physicians and other members of the hospital have come from all across the globe to provide the best facilities in health care possible. The hospital has above 80 physicians who offer a diverse range of medical services. With above 20 specialist doctors and primary care functions, its patients get access to many systems of medical care. With their x-ray, CT scan, MRI facility, ultrasound as well as in-house laboratories, the patients get the option to receive medical tests and their related procedures close to their home. Piedmont Healthcare and its workers and physicians had raised over $32,000 for supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the Light the Night Walk programme in 2011 at Centennial Olympic Park on November 5, 2011 (PIEDMONT profiles, 2011, p.10). In terms of its global presence, Piedmont health care has collaborated with MedShare to provide health care stuffs to the people in developing countries. It had provided 4,334 pounds of medical goods to MedShare (Piedmont Physicians Group, 2012). MedShare is a reputed nonprofit organization which is dedicated towards improving the healthcare in developing countries by distributing surplus medical supplies and equipments to the impoverished healthcare facilities. Saint Joseph's Health System The hospital provides diverse range of medical care from its facilities that includes 14 emergency care hospitals, home health units, hospital care, its outpatient services, skilled nurses and their facilities, its community clinics, and the physician organizations. The hospital operates mostly in South California, North California and Texas. The St. Joseph Health is one of the founding members of the Center for Healthcare Reform. The Center worked with several groups and individuals to fulfill deep, systemic improvements in the area of its cost, its medical care quality and the access to the U.S health care (St. Joseph Health, 2012). American Amputee Foundation, Inc. (AAF) The American Amputee Foundation, Inc. (AAF) was founded in 1975 as a form of national information clearing house and a referral center that used to treat the amputees, the families, and their care providers. The foundation researches and then gathers information on different aspects of amputation that include conducting studies, on product information, the available services, its self-help journals and many of its articles regarding amputation and their related conditions. The American Amputee Foundation, Inc. also started to offer Life Care Planning Services in 1978 that provided for Wheelchair/Mobility Equipment along with the Maintenance Needs, the Projected Therapies that included physical as well as occupational therapies, mental counseling, Orthotics and Prosthetics and many more. As a nonprofit organization that provide utilities mainly for the amputees as well as their families and also secondarily the people with spinal cord injury, the organization has limited their life care services for these clients (The American Amputee Foundation, Inc, 2009). Piedmont Healthcare merger with Saint Joseph's Health System – a good business decision In 2010, Saint Joseph’s Health System and Piedmont Healthca ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Acqusitions and Mergers Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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