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Corruption happened in China - Essay Example

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It could be seen almost everywhere. Many people have too much power now; and many of them merely abuse the power they have. More and more people are using this power for their own good. I think it should be…
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Corruption happened in China
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Extract of sample "Corruption happened in China"

Yiming Fan 20/11 In recent years, corruption has happened quite frequently within China. It could be seen almost everywhere. Many people have too much power now; and many of them merely abuse the power they have. More and more people are using this power for their own good. I think it should be stopped because it causes too many problems to the ones who are ordinary people. It also slows down the development progress of China.
Before I went to the USA, I was in the high school. A friend told me that his father worked for a construction company. This construction company worked for the government in Zhengzhou. He said the government spent 3 billion to build the government building but because the people worked in the construction sector were venal, the accurate amount of money spent on the construction was just about 3 million. "The quality of the building was worrying", he said. Corruption had already affected too many people. In my town, a number of people who were in government and in charge of the city were venal, and many things which were their responsibility could not go on towards normal procedures. They would work for you only if you give them money. Also they would work for you no matter the things you asked them were legal or not.
Many people are breaking the law everyday yet they think it is a normal practice. In my opinion, in order to stop this situation, we have to make the people in government aware of this situation and let them solve this problem, because as ordinary citizens we can barely do anything about it. I think we can gather a group of people to put out a protest. This protest needs to be carried out in a very silent way so that the mileage is good and the result discernable.
I hope the people who went through the consequence of corruption could do whatever they can to stop this menace. This shall essentially set the basis for doing things the right way within China and bring an end to the immoral practices which are being compromised upon in this day and age. Read More
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