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Overpolitization - Essay Example

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Subject: Over-politicization refers to a state of over engaging in political activities. It has the potential of lessening or enhancing democracy depending on how it is handled. Freedom group, a democracy faction in USA found out that democracy is declining…
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Download file to see previous pages This was the longest decline in 40 years. The group found out that declines had happened in 40 countries while gains had happened in 16.overpoliticization seems to be on the rise. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of the countries neighboring Russia were crowded with western advice dealing with political and economic matters. Most of this advice gave tips on multiparty democracy to both Russia and her neighbors. The situation is different now. The same countries do not want to learn any lessons from western countries at all. The countries are getting inclined to authoritarian rules at an alarming late. A telling example is the closed door meeting that was held between a Russian party and the Chinese communist party. China and Russian have bid contrasts. Russians seem to be interested in building a political system that is run and dominated by a political party. The pro-Kremlin unite Russia party believes that political domination is vital when it comes to governance. In the 2008-2009 global recessions, Latin America faced many challenges (Piccone, 82). Most of these countries suffered due to the risky lending in the United States. This causes some of these countries to propose a temporal delinking from the north. One of direct impact of the global recession in Latin America is the negative impact on neoliberal Washington consensus. The leaders from the region are looking forward to playing an active role in regulation economic affairs. According to the Ricardo Lagos, former Chilean president, there are political implications that come with the economic crisis. He is renowned for his slogan-politics is back. The leaders in the Latin America are known for strengthening government with an aim of increasing their political grip. Stronger government does not lead to increased democracy. Economic crisis has caused countries to result in over politicization as leaders seek to tighten their grip in power. This comes amid protests and frustration from the citizenry about the rising cost of life. The region is known to have structures that burden their citizenry with public insecurity and inequality. The regions depend on natural resources, and leaders are determined to strengthen their control over these resources. The politics in the region have discouraged the rule of law. The area is facing numerous challenges that are dominated by the illicit trade and tax evasion. The government is left without resources for future investment. The regional leaders are not keen of establishing strong judicial mechanisms and police institutions. They focus on self preservation and their grip on power. This has been reflected in Honduras where a military coup took place plunging the country into a political crisis. Rather than, pursue reconciliation, leaders prefer to use force to control their influence. Latin Americas democrats tend to focus on short term visions with are of a political nature. Over politicization, the Latin America caused the government to anarchy and loss of public trust. According to freedom observers in west, liberty and democracy is under threat with increased reverses. An increasing number of semi-free nations seem to be uncertain on with the path to follow as support for democracy continues to wane (Budapest & Kabul, 3). Many prodemocracy supporters are begun acknowledging that democratic system has visible demerits. The most conspicuous challenge being contested elections in weak systems. Many argue that democracy without a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Overpolitization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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