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The Party -The Secret World of Chinas Communist Rulers - Book Report/Review Example

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The essay "The Party -The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers" analyzes McGregor’s book "The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers" in which he facilitates a thought to provoke and moving investigation into the inner workings of China’s Communist Party…
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The Party -The Secret World of Chinas Communist Rulers
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Extract of sample "The Party -The Secret World of Chinas Communist Rulers"

Download file to see previous pages The Party did allow for the infiltration of capitalist ways of managing and running businesses, thereby ameliorating the popular grievances by allowing for economic growth, while on the other side retaining a strong grip over the political direction that China tends to take. Thereby, it is but easy to conclude from McGregor’s analysis that the Communist Party is not a massive and bulky political contraption that is averse to change, but rather happens to be thinking and moving a political machine that has the capacity to change with time and circumstances. The Communist Party holds on to its political obduracy by converting and recruiting some of the best talents in China, providing the political talent it grooms with the best of opportunities and possibilities for growth and progress. This has not only portrayed the Communist Party as the most staunch and viable guardian of the ensuing economic progress in the eyes of the masses but this also in a way does happen to motivate the masses to abdicate political freedom in lieu of personal rights and economic progress. However, one does remain curious as to how long the Chinese masses will abide by this cozy arrangement contrived by this biggest authoritarian machine in the world. Though the Western politicians and political thinkers did happen to be some of the most vociferous critics of China’s Communist Party, still it is a fact that not only the Communist Party has managed to survive unlike the Soviet Union and the totalitarian regimes in the Middle East. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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