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Answer the four questions - Essay Example

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On days when I feel really terrible at school, what is going on is that I feel overwhelmed by everything and my mind is racing about the tasks I need to complete. I may toss and turn at night when I get home or snap at other people. I sometimes withdraw from other people or…
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Answer the four questions
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Your F. 6 December Work/Life Integration On days when I feel really terrible at school, what is going on is that I feel overwhelmed by everything and my mind is racing about the tasks I need to complete. I may toss and turn at night when I get home or snap at other people. I sometimes withdraw from other people or avoid doing other things that I need to get done but do not have the energy to do so. When I wake up the next day, I often dread what it will be like.
What happens during days that things are going really great at school, I am energetic and find myself to be more chipper and pleasant to be around. I feel like socializing and even sometimes exercising. I just feel overall better about myself and find it easier to wind down and even sleep at night.
If I have a terrible day at home, I find that when I go to school, my mind is in another place. I think about what is going on at home, replay the instances in my mind and worry about it to the point of where I cannot focus as well. It is more emotionally draining to have problems at home because being home with my family is not something I can or want to escape from. If school is awful, I know that there is an end to it someday or with an awful job, I know I can always quit. I simply cannot quit a home life. If it is bad, it can be depressing.
If I am having a wonderful day at home, I feel excited about my day. I am enthusiastic. I may find myself working much harder and anxiously anticipating going home from school or work so I can spend more time at home. It is self-fulfilling for everything to be going great at home.
One of the topics of discussion by Dr. Wadsworth was a sense of feeling out of control. It seems as though everything is going okay and then all of a sudden something goes wrong. Little things can be irritating. The demand/control/support theory is that workers or students feel more strain when they are under conditions of high demand and low control. The two of these intertwined can be difficult to deal with rather than one of the two alone. To have a lot of work to deal with and tasks to accomplish can be overwhelming and a person can find themselves procrastinating to get the job done which then only adds to more stress. A person may find themselves slacking on job performance just to get a task done. This can contribute to mental issues and other health issues of a person’s well-being. To have low control is a feeling in which a person feels as if they are stuck. It creates an environment at work or school that is undesirable to be in. This can then hinder other social relationships and a person’s energy to do other things because it’s like all you want to do is go run and hide. To have low control feels as though you have no power to make a change.
To have an equal balance, a person needs to feel that they have enough time in the day to be organized and accomplish work rather than feel like they are working or going to school and have little to show for it. I think of it in a way that if you go to a job where there is high stress, it makes you wonder if the wage is worth it compared to a job that you work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and do mindless tasks such as flipping burgers. The intensity is not there nor is the pressure. If a person does not get done what they feel like they need to be getting done, they know that it is there waiting on them for the next day. Read More
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(Answer the Four Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Answer the Four Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Answer the Four Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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