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Reflection on second Presidential debate 2012 - Essay Example

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His responses to the attack done by Governor Mitt Romney were handled very well with reasonable and sensible answers. I feel that he spoke with more confidence than the last…
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Reflection on second Presidential debate 2012
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Full Reflection on second presidential debate I think President Barack Obama won the second debate because he answered every question he was asked. His responses to the attack done by Governor Mitt Romney were handled very well with reasonable and sensible answers. I feel that he spoke with more confidence than the last debate but not overly aggressive. He also effectively pointed out his plans for the American people that he would like to accomplish in the next four years. On the other hand, I did not feel that Romney did a good job on this debate because I think he was overly aggressive and he was focusing too much on attacking Obama instead of focusing on what he wants to do for America.
One of Obama’s strengths is that he spoke with a calm confidence that allowed him to think and answer soberly the attacks that have been thrown at him. He answered every question very clearly and he seemed extremely comfortable answering all the questions, knowing just how to answer them in a professional manner. I did not find any weakness for Obama in this debate. Romney’s strength is that, he is very good at pointing out the issues which are public concerns and used that to clarify the issues with Obama. His weakness is his obvious inability to send his points across very well regarding what he wants to do and he was not able to defend himself with reasonable answers when Obama questioned him.
This debate helped Obama gain enormous support especially from among the middle class and the women because he did a great performance showing that he is going to support them in many areas. On the contrary, this debate hurt Romney because he did not do a good job in answering the questions. I am inclined to support Obama because I like his platform on supporting education for everyone and trying to create equality in the society. I don’t like the platform of Romney which is focusing only on supporting and seeking benefit for the rich people like himself. Read More
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