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Leadership Competency Self-Assessments: - Essay Example

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I took the Module 1 Competency 2: Communicating Honestly and Effectively because I believe that effective communication is an important aspect in almost all dimensions in our lives be it in family relations, and in formal organization. Failure to communicate effectively often…
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Leadership Competency Self-Assessments:
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Extract of sample "Leadership Competency Self-Assessments:"

Download file to see previous pages Of all the questions, I personally think that the area that I have to work to is that “I am too abstract and sometimes hard to follow” and could be overly sensitive and too easily hurt”.
Effective communication is important to be nurtured so that conflict and misunderstanding will be avoided which in turn would translate to a harmonious relationship among the employees leading to a higher productivity. Higher productivity is important to an organization because it enhances its competitiveness which could ultimately affect its bottom line.
To nurture communication, it is also advisable that this should be practiced rather than deliberate. Google provides an excellent example for this where openness in communication is practiced in all levels of the organization where a low level employee can even ask a direct question to a CEO during their Friday meetings (Google, 2012). They also practice transparency as discussed in the module and this is symbolically communicated throughout the organization by having workspaces without walls in its application in Google. Open and effective communication is encouraged throughout the organization because it promotes innovation and initiative among employees not to mention a feeling that the company is a fun place to work with.
In addition to openness and transparency, effective communication can also be reinforced by practicing a democratic leadership which does not only foster cohesion, but also galvanizes teamwork. The practice of this democratic leadership it “functions as a means of engendering compliance with dominant goals and values and harnessing staff commitment, ideas, expertise and experience to realizing these (Woods, 2004).
Sometimes, communication bogs down where miscommunications happen. It is a situation where the information that was intended to be communicated was not interpreted in the same way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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