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Competency-based job analysis and the advantages and disadvantages of its use in team-based jobs - Assignment Example

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The competency-based performance management is increasingly becoming important in almost all sectors and industries mainly due to that high-performance working has become one of the major targets of human resource management to achieve competitive edge. It is widely accepted…
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Competency-based job analysis and the advantages and disadvantages of its use in team-based jobs
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Download file to see previous pages This paper demonstrates a critical review of literatures on competency-based job analysis and on merits and demerits of its use in team-based jobs.
In management perspective, human capital represents commercially valuable talents, knowledge, experience and skills (Marcus, Ippolito and Zhang, 1998, p. 490). In order to ensure constant improvement in performance, most companies facilitated some techniques such as team-work, organizational learning, knowledge-sharing, training and development programs etc that can foster employees’ skills and abilities to perform better. In recent years, many companies have arranged an integrated system in which there is best possible fit of human resources and technical system that together produce superior employee performance (Noe, Hollenbeck and Gerhert, 2003). Recent changes in HR strategies and management initiatives prove that assessing and improving employees’ performance has become at the very heart of human resource management.
In management, competency is a trait or a characteristic that an employee requires to perform his task. Competency is defined as a demonstrable characteristic such as knowledge, skills, behaviours etc that enable a person perform well (Byars and Rue, 2008, p.267). A competent employee is very likely to exhibit certain basic characteristics that are related to criterion referenced as effective as well as superior in terms of performance in a given job (Priyadarshini and Dave, 2012, p. 196).
Competency based performance management is a system to consider skills and behaviours of employees for successful performance in the present and future job roles. It not only helps employees to understand job expectations, but also the management to design a framework for aligning employees’ job performance with organizational goals (David et al, 2000, p. 6). Kandula (2013, p. 289) stressed that competency-based performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Competency-Based Job Analysis and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Assignment.
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