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Antibody mediated hypersensitivity is clinically more significant that cell mediated hypersensitivity. Discuss - Essay Example

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The antibody-mediated hypersensitivity occurs whenever the antibodies become directed against the antigens along the surface of the tissue components and cells. Such reactive antigens might be naturally occurring, intrinsic, or reactive antigen. The deposition of antibodies…
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Antibody mediated hypersensitivity is clinically more significant that cell mediated hypersensitivity. Discuss
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Extract of sample "Antibody mediated hypersensitivity is clinically more significant that cell mediated hypersensitivity. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Immune system was initially separated in two branches. These were cellular immunity and the humoral immunity. The protective immunization function is found within the humor, serum or the cell-free body fluid, while the protective functions of the immunization was based in cellular immunity. The helper cells or the CD$ cells give protection against many pathogens. The Cytotoxic T cells lead to death through apoptosis without the use of cytokines, thus for the cell mediated immunity cytokines might fail to be present.
Anabolic steroids are made up of some performance- enhancement drugs. These drugs do the mimicking of the testosterone inside the body and, therefore, facilitate performance by enlarging the muscle cells. These drugs if used inappropriately or at high doses or without supervisor they may cause irrational and erratic behavior and a wide range of adverse effects. Performance-enhancing drugs are used by bodybuilders, and by people of different age, right from middle-school to college students and old athletes. Anabolic steroids increase the protein production hence creating building blocks for bones, muscle cells, and body tissues.
The main, side effects of the anabolic steroids is the androgenic effect, and its effect in damaging the liver (Benjamin 3). Androgenic response increases the male features like secondary characteristics, which normally come, up due to androgenic steroids. Medical indications in this case are due to inadequate production of testosterone within the body. The liver damage on the other side is influenced by the direct effect of oral steroids that gives the liver a hard time to metabolize. For many years, wise physicians have come to the realization that many human diseases could be understood as pathophysiology or a disordered physiology. In medicine, pathophysiology is one of the branches ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Antibody Mediated Hypersensitivity Is Clinically More Significant That Essay.
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