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Nonetheless, natural disasters have existed throughout human history. Different nations have stories of their loss and suffering because of…
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Natural Disaster
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A Speech on “Natural Disasters” Today, when we hear the term “natural disaster,” fresh memories of the recent devastating superstorm “Sandy,” unfold in our minds. Nonetheless, natural disasters have existed throughout human history. Different nations have stories of their loss and suffering because of natural disasters. It is during times of natural disasters that the element of solidarity in humanity surfaces. Floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, famine, and droughts are examples of natural disasters, which have adverse effects on countries. In my opinion, I like to see the term “natural disaster” as a word human beings use to blame nature for their lack of environmental sustenance. I believe most of the natural disasters are tied to the environment in which they occur, which is manipulated by humankind. In this speech, I will discuss earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, citing their causes and effects, and possible prevention.
Let us start with earthquakes. Theses happen when tectonic forces cause tectonic plates comprising the earth’s crust, to collide. This causes vibrations of varying magnitudes to be transferred from underground to the crust. If these forces have high magnitude, the effects of the earthquake will be severe as compared to low magnitude forces. An example of severe earthquake is the one that hit Haiti in 2010, leading to loss of close to 100 000 lives, and loss of property.
Floods occur when there is an overflow of a water body. Floods lead to loss of lives, and displacement of people, as well as destruction of cities. Floods result from two waves rolling on a dry land surface or by excessively destructive rains. Floods can also be a result of hurricanes. For instance, New Orleans was destroyed by floods in 2005, because of the hurricane Katrina. In 2010, floods hit Pakistan, displacing more than 17 million people, destroying 1.3 million homes, and leaving millions homeless.
Hurricanes are another type of natural disaster. These are strong storm systems, which have centers with low pressure. These result in powerful winds and rainfall, which cause high magnitude damages to infrastructure and landscapes. The most recent hurricane include hurricane Katrina in 2005, which destroyed most parts of the Caribbean and Southern USA, including New Orleans City. The most recent hurricane Sandy also affected parts of the USA, destroying infrastructure and displacing people.
According to Alexander, some of the natural disasters can be prevented if preventive strategies are adopted at personal and national level. Individuals should be mindful of their surroundings. Destructive habits toward the environment alter nature, which has no mercy when it hits back. Governments must adopt best planning policies for their countries, as these will minimize the effects of natural disasters on its people (4, 5).
Now that you have learnt what natural disasters are, and gained knowledge about hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, let us have a recoup of that. Most importantly, we have established that natural disasters are caused naturally by hazards acting on our environment. These lead to loss of lives and property, destruction of infrastructure and landscape, and displacement of populations. The level of damage caused by natural disasters is dependent on a country’s disaster preparedness, as well as quality of its structures. Most natural disasters are like thieves in the night, and so it is essential that countries be always prepared to handle these.
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