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MHE512 - Disaster Relief Module 4 - SLP - Essay Example

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Since ages, nature has bestowed upon human kind many positive bounties and the development of our species and their sustenance on this planet earth is the greatest examples of natural boon provided to us. However, we have seen certain curses also, for which we hold responsible,…
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MHE512 - Disaster Relief Module 4 - SLP
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Download file to see previous pages nt has made it possible to predict accurately the oncoming of such disaster, as we cannot prevent the damage caused by such tragedies in terms of human losses and property damages. Nevertheless, several disaster relief plans have been formulated to tackle the after-affects of these natural calamities. This paper will give a short introductory detail on various aspects of Disaster Relief Plans (DRP), with emphasis on the training and management of human resources to make the relief plans most effective, strength and weakness of a DRP and its concerns with the funding of different projects.
This enables the volunteer or the relief worker to use chain saw and other equipment efficiently and safely. While this type of training will discuss the brush pulling and cutting techniques, it can also provide information on the maintenance of such equipment. This will include training on rebuilding, which enables the worker to close holes in houses or roofs, after the removal of any fallen trees etc.. Similarly, training on fueling, and load handling operations of forklift equipment is also very useful.
This would impart training on the use of radio equipment and setting of antennas and other vital gadgets in the disaster area. While this is required for every field worker, amateur radio licensees can pick up the relevant tricks more easily.
This type of training is to enable the relief staff for analyzing the disaster data correctly so that a proper assessment of damage can be undertaken and decisions reached based on such information. While these will affect the recovery plan, they will also assist in the knowledge of impact from disaster and weather conditions, on the local community.....(DR training facts)
There is saying which goes like”you cannot dig a well after the fire has engulfed your place”. The gist of the story is that disaster preparedness is an exercise that should be undertaken during the times of peace when there is no threat to the atmosphere, where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MHE512 - Disaster Relief Module 4 - SLP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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