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Use risk perception and risk communication perspective to evaluate the disaster management policy-making process - Essay Example

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This essay was set out to use risk perception and risk communication perspective to evaluate the disaster management policy-making process. In this direction, the various theories and themes of the topic, which include risk perception and risk communication were critically discussed. …
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Use risk perception and risk communication perspective to evaluate the disaster management policy-making process
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The earth has been found to be the only life-supporting planet for now. At least even if humans can live on other planets, it is the earth we all live on now.So if we are talking about keeping the earth intact and productive, then we should be thinking of ways of reducing; if not stopping disasters from occurring. The Assam Government Disaster Management Policy (2010) explains that “disaster is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, and destruction and devastation to life and property.” Sadly, the source continues to note that “the damage caused by disasters is immeasurable and varies with the geographical location, climate and the type of the earth surface/degree of vulnerability.” This explanation alone reechoes a very scaring situation whereby the fight against disaster must be embraced with all seriousness and urgency. Speaking of the need to fight disasters, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Disaster Management is quoted in World Confederation of Physical Therapy (2011) as pointing to disaster management as the most effective way of fighting disaster; explaining that “disaster management is the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.” ...
At the evaluation stage of policy making, policy makers are offered the opportunity to critically scrutinize the feasibility, achievability, effectiveness and usefulness of any given policy. Having noted this, it is important to appreciate the fact that for disaster management evaluation to go on successfully without any setbacks, there are a number of factors that need to be put in place and a number of mechanisms that need to be used by facilitators. Two of these factors and mechanisms are risk perception and risk communication perspective. These two elements come in best when utilized will ensure that the eventual implementation of disaster management policies achieve their needed results. To this end, this essay seeks to explore the use of risk perception and risk communication perspective to evaluate a given disaster management policy-making process. Literature Review Overview of disaster management policy making process and its importance Policy making process takes place day in and out in different quarters of organizational set ups. Even at the national level, there are several policy making processes that take place day in and out. Policy making processes are necessitated when the need to have policies in place arise. Sycamnias (2008) states that “according to a dictionary definition, policy is "any course of action followed primarily because it is expedient or advantages in a material sense."” Without any question, disaster management is such an important phenomenon that it needs a whole policy formulation to get it underway. As part of the importance of taking disaster management through the policy making process, taking disaster ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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