General Public Lacks the Knowledge and Time to Contribute To Debates about New Technologies - Essay Example

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This essay discusses how new technologies have the capacity to bring great benefits to society. The researcher analyzes the issue when public does lack conclusive knowledge about how these technologies work, and have to rely on the information disseminated by scientists and policy makers…
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General Public Lacks the Knowledge and Time to Contribute To Debates about New Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages This paper discusses the issues involved with public communication of risks related to new technology. Researchers have come up with models to explain the lack of knowledge regarding various risks. This paper aims to focus on exploring these models and evaluating them in the reference to the public’s views. Modern day examples of new technology risks such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and the recent Fukushima accidents have been discussed in detail to ascertain the level of knowledge that the public has on certain risks. New technologies have undoubtedly changed the life of man, mostly for the better. However, these same technologies also come with inherent risks that can cause untold damage to the environment, property and to human life. It is concluded that, the general public lacks the knowledge and time to contribute to debates about new technologies. This is mainly due the assumptions made by policy makers and experts on the level of information that people should access regarding new technology risks. Proper information dissemination during a disaster helps emergency officials to properly carry out rescue missions and damage control. Understanding the perception of the public regarding risks and disasters can go a long way in effectively communicating issues and facts to do with the risks. The public should be involved in debates and discussions about the risks that come with new technologies. This is one way of ensuring that all is taken into account when formulating policies to do with disaster management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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